How to recover and read deleted WhatsApp messages on Android

by Johnson Daniel

WhatsApp is becoming more exciting to use with the several new features that have been added like multi-device support, WhatsApp payments, disappearing messages, with many more to come. There is an exciting feature available on the social messaging app, the ability for a user (sender) to delete sent messages before the receiver sees them or even after he or she reads these messages.

For those unaware, WhatsApp is currently working on extending the time limit for the ‘delete for everyone’ feature. This feature was introduced to the platform back in 2017 with the time limit set to seven minutes and a few months later was increased to more than an hour. The time limit for this feature may be increased to an indefinite period, up from the 4,096 seconds time limit introduced in 2018. While we wait for this feature to roll out, we can still take a look at how to recover and read a deleted WhatsApp message.

Steps to recover and read deleted WhatsApp messages

  • Download and install WAMR from Google Play Store.
  • Open the app and read and accept the terms and conditions. Once done, tap on the Next button.

    accept the terms and conditions

  • On the first page, you will be asked to select the apps whose notifications you want to monitor. Here you need to select WhatsApp and tap on the next arrow button.

    select WhatsApp

  • On the Setup screen, tap on the Enable button behind the Notification reader.

    Grant the permissions

  • On the Notification access page, allow Notification monitoring for WAMR.

Now, if someone deletes a message they send to you, WAMR will notify you and you will be able to read the message by tapping on the notification.

An alternative to this method is by using WhatsApp mod, there is an in-built option to see deleted messages sent to you. Here is a list of WhatsApp mod available:

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