How to rename files on Telegram without having to download them

by Johnson Daniel

What most people like about Telegram is the option given to them to explore many tricks. If you are an ardent reader of this blog, you should have seen some articles concerning Telegram tricks which I know that some who have seen it are using very well.

You can also browse through our YouTube channel to see some video tutorials on the Telegram tricks that we’ve uploaded, so far so good, we’ve been able to cover tutorials on;

If you view these videos mentioned above, you should find it easier to manage your channel, i.e., if you have one. On the other hand, if you own a Telegram channel, you should see the videos mentioned above helpful and this tutorial on how to rename files on Telegram without having to download them.

It’s simple logic if you ask why do you need to learn this. Imagine if you run or want to run a channel that posts things like apps, music, movies, and so many other files. You can use this tutorial to rename the files that you wish to upload and eventually add your channel’s name on it without having to use as much data as you might use.

In case you still don’t understand what I’m saying here, let me break it down for you. Imagine you own a channel that uploads an app for the general public to download, and you want to post an app like the Playstore on your channel.

As you should know by now, you should have seen the app on a trusted Telegram channel, and you want to post that app on your channel. Still, the app has the name of that channel attached to it, or let’s say you don’t like how the name appears to you, and you can change it to what suits you and post on your channel without having to download the app at all.

How to rename files on Telegram without having to download them

  • Launch the Telegram app and search for Rename Bot or click on this link to go to the bot.
  • Start the bot. Forward the app to the bot as a message.
  • Now reply to the file by swiping the file to the left, then type in the new name you want the file.photo6023685517062812215
  • Please wait for some seconds or minutes, and then the bot would send you the file with the new name you’ve given to it. After getting the app, you can follow this method to send the app to your channel without downloading it. Isn’t that cool?

That’s all you should know about renaming files on Telegram without having to download them. Some minor things that you should also learn are that the bot cannot rename a file having a size of over 100MB, and you need to upgrade your plan with the bot from free to VIP or Super User before you can be able to rename files with over 100MB file size.

There’s a big disappointment with both the VIP & Super User plans, and you can’t rename a file having a size of over 1GB and 1.5GB on both plans, respectively, but the daily rename limit for all three plans are unlimited.

I’m excited to show you more Telegram tricks. Which one would you like us to cover next? Do not hesitate to leave a comment in the description box below, and you can join our Telegram channel to see what we can offer you. Enjoy!

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