Social media is fun to use and most times we engage in this day-to-day fun by sharing our favourite, funny, happy and as many moments with friends on popular social media platforms. One of the most used social media platforms, WhatsApp has this “status-like” feature that allows you to share text, photos, videos, and GIF updates with your friends. Not only can you share, but you can also view what others have uploaded on their statuses.

The same goes for other social media platforms that have this “story” feature, Facebook being one of them. There are those times when you get to see a media file that catches your interest but you have to request these files from the person who posted that image/video.

Making a request one or two times doesn’t feel bad but it begins to feel weird when the requests are becoming increasing much from your end, this is where you try to find alternatives to try to get these media files yourself without having to bother the uploader.

Where we all face this issue the most is with the WhatsApp status our friends upload, you can easily sort this out by using WhatsApp mod apps e.g WA Aero, GB WhatsApp and the rest as they all have a feature that lets you save the status from contacts with one-click. However, there are minor challenges that come with using WhatsApp mod apps as it varies from individual to individual.

Our focus isn’t on WhatsApp alone, it spreads down to TikTok, Twitter, Facebook and so on and it doesn’t work for only Android devices, it also works on iOS devices. In this article, I’ll be showing you how to save WhatsApp status uploads, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook media files in a few minutes without having to stress yourself. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

How to save WhatsApp status, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram media files on Android and iOS

  • Download and install Xender to your device.
  • Launch the app, and go to “SOCIAL” using the bottom navigation bar.photo1650417066 2
  • Tap any of the social media icons you’ve seen a media file from e.g WhatsApp, a page would come up, tap “CONNECT” to successfully access the contents on your WhatsApp from the Xender app and you’ll see all the images, videos you’ve viewed on the status page.How to save WhatsApp status with Xender
  • Tap the arrow facing below to save the media to your phone and that’s all.

This procedure works for WhatsApp alone. For Facebook and the rest, you need to copy the direct link to the file, come to the “SOCIAL” tab on Xender, paste the link in the space below the social media icons, and tap “Paste&Download” to successfully save it to your device.photo1650417066

It’s that easy to do. On some devices, you can connect your Facebook and Instagram apps just like how you did for WhatsApp. And that’s pretty much everything you need to know on this topic. If you enjoyed the tutorial, do well to share it with your friends, remember, sharing is caring.

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