How to send files on iOS & Mac devices using AirDrop

by Johnson Daniel

iOS and Mac devices are wonderful to use if you know your way around them, especially the iOS devices, they are so incredible to use. You might face the problem of transferring files from one iOS or Mac device to another but after this article, you might not face that problem anymore.

There are many applications that you can use to carry out this task, I must tell you though that why consume more space when you can do this without having any app and in turn freeing up space on your device. There’s this feature on the iOS & Mac devices called “AirDrop”.

It’s quite funny not to know what the Airdrop is being used for despite having seen it on your iOS device all this while, let’s quickly go through how to send files on your iOS & Mac devices using Airdrop.

How to send files on iOS & Mac devices using AirDrop

First of ensure that both devices that you want to send to and receive from have their WiFi turned on by using the control center to do so. Don’t just leave the control center yet, tap and hold the WiFi button until something pops up as you can see in the image below.photo5785250618078769676 Tap AirDrop and select Everyone. Do the same thing for the other device, now go to the file that you want to send, then tap on this image that looks like an output key, then a menu will pop up below.photo5785250618078769675 When the menu pops up, you should see a circle containing the name of the other device just under the Tap to share with AirDrop menu immediately above your social sharing icons. Tap on the circle and you should get a notification on the other device asking you to accept or decline the request if you accept the request, the file will be in the other iOS or Mac device within seconds.

Note that before you can send files from one iOS or Mac device to another, both parties need to have their WIFi turned on and their AirDrop visible to everyone. I hope this article has helped you learn something new if you are still facing troubles with sending files from your iOS or Mac device to another, you can leave a comment below and you would be attended to immediately.

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