The easiest way to setup two WhatsApp accounts on a smartphone

by Johnson Daniel

WhatsApp plays a very vital role in the lives of many of us for both work and personal life when relating with people on social media. The go-to social messaging app has made it easy for anyone to have one or more profile accounts with them but it is not possible to run two WhatsApp accounts on the same smartphone with the same app.

One way to bypass this limit on a smartphone is to download and log in to your WhatsApp profile on the Business app, making it possible to set up two WhatsApp accounts on a smartphone. I’ll be showing you a completely different approach to setting up two WhatsApp accounts on a smartphone.

With the recent development of smartphones like the Xiaomi, Vivo, Samsung, OnePlus and a host of others, you can set up two WhatsApp accounts on the same device using the ‘Dual Apps’ feature.

How to set up dual WhatsApp on your smartphone

  • Go to the phone’s settings.
  • Go to ‘Apps.’
  • Navigate to ‘Dual apps.’
  • Toggle the app you want to clone (e.g WhatsApp).
  • Wait for the process to finish, head to your home screen, tap the second WhatsApp logo you see in your app launcher, configure and start using it.

Every smartphone has its unique way of setting dual apps for a particular app. Android One devices and those offering ‘stock’ Android do not come with dual app features. For these, there are several apps such as Parallel, Dual App Wizard, DoubleApp and more available on Google Play Store. Users can just download these apps to run two accounts of the same Chat app on their phones.

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