How to share data on 9mobile, Airtel, Glo and MTN

by Johnson Daniel

You must be probably curious about how to share your data with your friends and family members, well, this article is ideal for you to take a look at, let’s get started.

How to share data on 9mobile

Dial ∗229∗PIN∗datavolume*9Mobile Number#, for example, if you want to share 10MB data, simply dial ∗229∗PIN∗10∗08186583134#. The default transfer PIN is 0000.

How to share data on Airtel

You can transfer data on Airtel using their Smart Share services. One good thing about sharing data on Airtel is that, you can share up to a gigabyte of data or even more, it all depends on how much MB you are willing to spare. To share data on Airtel, dial ∗141# > reply with 5 > reply with for Data Gifting or for Data Me2U services then follow the prompt to share your data. The default transfer PIN is 1234.

How to share data on Glo

Dial ∗12701recipient’sGlonumber#, to stop sharing, dial ∗127∗02∗recipient’sGlonumber#.

How to share data on MTN

Just recently, MTN re-introduced the data sharing feature back into their system and this is a good thing as they are the only network in this list that have two ways to share data to friends. For the first method, dial ∗123∗3# then reply with and follow the prompt. The disadvantage about this is that you can only transfer a maximum of 2 times daily and the largest volume of data that can be shared at once is 100MB.photo5791838389241229293

For the second method, you are required to first register for MTN Data Share by dialing ∗131∗2∗1# or send REG to to 131, after that, you will receive a unique security PIN for registration!

Change your security PIN by dialing ∗131∗2∗5# or send a message CHANGE with your old pin typed right in front of the word change and your new pin right after the old one to 131, for instance, “CHANGE 8888 9999”, where “8888” is your previous PIN and “9999” is your new Pin for Data share.

Once you’ve successfully changed your pin, add beneficiaries to MTN Data Share Acct by dialing ∗131∗2∗3#. You can add upto 5 beneficiaries. nce you have added beneficiaries, you (the sponsor) will be able to share your available data bundle among the added beneficiaries by sending the keyword Share to 131 or simply dial USSD code ∗131∗2∗4#

I hope that you were able to grasp all the information in the article, let us know if this has helped you out.

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