How to Sign Up for and Start Using Threads

How to Sign Up for and Start Using Threads would be one of the most popular question on the Google search for now as a lot of people would really want to know what the big boy Meta has for the people this time.

Hey, I’m sure your inquisitiveness to know what the big meta has for you this time landed you here.

If you are thinking or wanting to know what the Meta Threads app look like and how it works, this is why we are always here to keep well updated.

Now, this post will be bringing to you all you need to know with regards to the New Threads app, and while we unveil that on this post site back and thank me later.

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How sign up the Threads App using Instagram Account

Note that you can not have the threads account except you have an Instagram account first.

So, for those us who are yet to open or have an Instagram account you have more work to do.

First, visit you Google play store or the Apple store to download, install and create and Instagram profile for yourself. Just like I said indirectly earlier, the Meta’s Threads app is so integrated into the Instagram system, thereby leaving it completely dependent on Instagram and that is why I mentioned the fact that you can not have the Threads app with having an Instagram account as it is not stand alone like the Twitter app.

 Now for those has an Instagram account already lets ride on

Step1: Visit the Google Play or Apple store to download  install the Threads app.

Step 2: Once you have installed and launched your Threads app, the app will require you to sign to your Instagram account. When you try  and no Instagram account is found on the Threads Login screen , check to ensure that your Instagram account is logged in on the device.

Step 3: If your have successfully found the Instagram account to use instep 2, Next will be to set up your Threads profile but Note, that your username will be automatically picked up from your Instagram account.

Step 4: Next, you can put up your bio and custom link on your Thread profile or if you wish to make use of same profile as your Instagram account, you can tap on the Import from Instagram button to import your profile from your Instagram account.

threads app sign up

Step 5: Visit your privacy option screen to either make your Threads profile private or public based on your choice. In this case your Threads privacy option can differ from your Instagram privacy option.

Step 6: Next move will be to follow same account you follow on Instagram. This is your choice to make as you can either select follow all to follow all same people you follow on Instagram or select individual the people you wish to follow Threads account.

When all the above are done then you have your Threads account ready for use. The next you will find from here is a welcome screed putting you through some process on how the Threads App word, just follow all the process. At this point You must be really want to know this new Threads app work. Remember the topic is How to Sign Up for and Start Using Threads, so lets move on to see how to use the Threads app effectively 

follow on Threads

How To Use Threads

Threads has almost same feature with the Twitter App. The common feature on the both app has made many brought to conclusion that Mark Zuckerberg duplicated the Twitter App and gave it a different name. But it will interest you to know that the Threads and Twitter does not really work same way. Let just take a little time to show show you how to put up your first post on Threads and get start with using it.

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How To Create a Post On Threads

Simply follow these few steps below to create Threads Post.

Step 1: Tap on the Create icon at the center button below your screen to pull up the Thread creation screen.

Step 2: Start by typing on the text area provided for you or Tap on Add to Thread to create a new block. You are limited to just 500-character for a Threads Post

Step 3: At the Left bottom of your threads creation screen you can select the Anyone can Reply to choose who can reply your Threads post. You have a choice to select on people you follow to reply or just the people you mention on the post or open it up for any one to reply.

Step 4: Finally you can tap the Post button at the right bottom corner to publish your post.

How To Change Username and Profile Picture on Threads

Like we said earlier the Threads App in not independent and as such there is no way for you to change your Threads Username or profile picture. For the fact that your Threads App is directly connect and open using your Instagram Account details, it therefor means that for you to change your username or profile picture on Threads you have to change it first on your Instagram Account.

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How To Follow And Unfollow on Threads

Now you are on the Threads app, if you actually follow same people you had on the Instagram it might feel kind of boring as it will feel like you are still seeing same set of people on your time line. Let look at how you can follow more new account so as to make a difference.

How to Follow accounts on Threads:

Step 1: Just at the bottom of your screen tap on the Search button

Step 2: Type the name of the account you wish to follow

Threads Vs Twitter

Over the years Twitter has greatly Dominated the Micro blogging space but it looks like this is going to be a great challenge for twitter. Well, Threads is just a few days old in the system let what and see what they have differently for us.

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Finally,  by now How to Sign Up for and Start Using Threads should not be any challenge as everything  that has to do with how to sign up and use the Threads App has been touched. You  can now go ahead and Explore. 

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