How to split-screen on Android without any app

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With the help of apps, we can do virtually anything on our Android devices ranging from hardware to software-related tricks. The reason why most people prefer Android OS to iOS is mainly that Android users have access to more free and paid apps than iOS users.

There are many apps out there both on Google Play and other websites that can help you split the screen of your Android device into two. Splitting the screen of your Android device is beneficial most times, especially when you have to do somethings on two apps simultaneously.

Of course, there are apps on the Google Play and other sources that can help you split your Android screen into two or more, this is depending on how many screens your Android device screen can split into. The normal splitting it into two, but there are currently some smartphones out there that you can split the Android screen into three.

Using apps is cool, but I like consuming little space on my smartphone with apps. Most things that apps help you do on your smartphone can be done without these apps, just like the splitting of an Android screen. Right here, we are going to take a look at how to split the screen on Android without needing an app.

How to split screen on Android without any app 1

How to split-screen on Android without any app

We have provided a video tutorial on how to split-screen on Android without any app, kindly watch below if you do not want to continue reading this.

Video Tutorial

For those who wish to continue with this article, here are the procedures;

  • Launch as many apps as you want to have access. For example, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on.
  • Press your minimize button, the list of apps should appear.
  • Drag and hold the first app until you see, “Drag here to use split-screen”. Do that and drag the app there.
  • You have successfully split the screen on your Android device. Now, if you want to access another app, just scroll through the list of apps on the bottom half of your screen and select the app. The app should open and you should be able to use two apps at the same time.

You can do this for virtually all apps on your Android device, but some apps like Instagram does not support the split-screen feature. Lastly, to exit the split-screen, just swipe down or up from the middle of the screen to exit, also, you can only change the app that is occupying the bottom half. For you to change the app that is occupying the top half of your screen, you need to exit the split-screen.

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