AirtelMe2U service helps an Airtel customer send airtime from his/her SIM card to another Airtel subscriber without having to pay for any service fee. The struggle for emancipation from getting charged for helping others is being aided by Airtel as this Me2U service will help you share as much airtime with as many people as you want without restrictions.

As an Airtel subscriber, you don’t need to subscribe to the Me2U service as every active prepaid and postpaid line is entitled to enjoy this service free of charge. You should know full well that when trying to transfer airtime from one SIM card to another, you would be asked to type in a special PIN that would allow the transfer to go through, that’s the only thing you might need to change when trying to use the Me2U service as it’s better for you to change the PIN so that people won’t be able to send airtime from your Airtel SIM card without your consent. However, the default PIN is 1234.AirtelMe2U

How to use AirtelMe2U service

Go to the SMS area on your device, create an SMS using the format “2u AirtelNumber Amount PIN” and send the SMS to 432.  For instance, if you want to transfer N100 airtime from your Airtel SIM card to this number, 09091234567, all you need to write in the SMS area is; “2u 09091234567 100 1234” then send it to 432.

After sending the text message, the credit would be transferred to the number immediately. Before now, Airtel charged N10/transfer but as for now, they are not charging anything for using the Me2U service. The maximum amount of airtime that can be transferred on this service per day is N5000 and please be very attentive when trying to use this service as all transactions are non-convertible (Airtime transferred cannot be returned back to the sender). Stay safe!

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