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How to transfer channel or group ownership on Telegram (Video tutorial)

by Johnson Daniel

Telegram messenger is placed highly above WhatsApp because users have more options on the platform than on WhatsApp. Once of the latest things that I would love to show you is how you can transfer a channel or group’s ownership on Telegram without stress.

Transferring a channel or group ownership on Telegram means that the ownership title will be moved from one individual to the other. This provides a means for some people to make money by selling their channel or group. Isn’t this cool? I must let you know that this if for educational purposes only, anything done by you is your responsibility and not ours.

How to transfer channel or group ownership on Telegram

Ensure that you have the latest Telegram app installed on your smartphone, whether official or unofficial. Go to your Telegram app and navigate to the Settings area. Look for Privacy and Security and open it. Scroll down and under the Security side, tap on Two-Step Verification.

You would be asked to type in an email address, your password and your password’s hint. This is in case you forget what your password is, when you’re done with that, save and go to the channel or group that you want to sell.

Click the edit button and look for Administrators then click. Click Add Admin, search for the user that you want to transfer the ownership to and when he comes out in the search results, tap on him. A page will open, the page is called Admin Rights, this is where you can give the admin some priviledges. Under the What can this admin do? toggle;

  • Change Channel Info
  • Post Messages
  • Edit Messages of Others
  • Delete Messages of Others
  • Invite Users via Link
  • Add New Admins

Immediately after toggling all of them on, a Transfer Channel/Group Ownership button will appear. Now, click on it and you will transfer the channel or group to the user. Before you can be able to do the transfer, you should have enabled the Two-step Verification on that device more than seven (7) days ago and have been active on Telegram with that device for more than 24 hours. If you have all this in place, then transferring the channel or group’s ownership is a piece of cake. If you still don’t get this tutorial, then I advise you to watch the video tutorial that I have prepared for you below.
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