How to turn a Telegram account into a bot

by Johnson Daniel
scrnli 7 7 2020 7 56 03 AM

If you’ve ever wanted to have more features on Telegram such as easily downloading files from the internet without using your data or even blocking individuals from privately chatting you up without taking any action, creating a user bot on Telegram would be the right thing for you to do.

It’s easy but complex to create a Telegram user bot as you get to turn either your personal account on Telegram to a bot. You do not need to panic if you make a mistake when trying to do so as it won’t harm your Telegram account in any way the only downside is that your account won’t become a bot. Without wasting any more time, let me show you the procedures on how to turn a Telegram account into a bot.


How to create a Telegram user bot

Launch Termux, type termux-setup-storage and press enter to send. This would make the Termux app ask for storage permission, so allow it or allow manually if it does not work.

Type pkg install python git and press enter to send. This command would prompt it to start downloading files and when it asks if you want to continue type Y and press enter after that it will download all files. If the process is interrupted just repeat the step to continue the download process. It will take some time to download if your internet is slow so don’t worry about the time-wasting if there’s any.

Type python -m venv venv && . ./venv/bin/activate and press enter to send. Type cd /sdcard/Telegram and press enter to send (Don’t use Telegram X for this, you can use any other Telegram app).

After you’re done with that, go to, scroll down a bit until you see a 3 sign just like in the box below, tap on it. This would take you to Heroku sign up page. I should assume that we all have accounts on Heroku now, so just login instead.scrnli 7 7 2020 7 56 03 AM

Immediately you login, you would be taken to a page where you need to fill in some details to create an app, just fill in the necessary details such as;

  • App Name: type anything
  • ALIVE NAME: your Telegram username(don’t use @) or anything
  • ANTI_SPAMBOT: True or False
  • ANTI_SPAMBOT_SHOUT: False or True
  •  API_HASH & API_KEY: Go to, log in using the number you used for your Telegram account e.g +2348186583134. A code would be sent to your Telegram inbox if you’re logged in already on your mobile device, just check your inbox to get the confirmation code. Copy & paste (if possible) to the verification box then verify the account to log in. Go to API development tools to get the API_HASH & API_KEY.
  • BOTLOGID: True
  • BOTLOGCHATID: create one public group in telegram then add rose or any other bot then type /id and paste the id in the space provided for thebotlogchatID. Remember the id will start from -100 (paste everything) then make the group private.


  • COUNTRY: Your country’s name.
  • GENIUS: Go to >, create an account, log in and paste the API in both genius configs.
  • HEROKU API KEY: Type 0.
  • HEROKU_APP_NAME: Type in the same app name you used above.
  • PM_AUTOBAN: True
  • String Session: Paste the string session you saved earlier and finally tap Deploy. This would take some time so you need to exercise patience.

Head on back to the Termux app and type/copy & paste the following commands and press enter to send respectively. cd OpenUserBot > pip install telethon > python3 You would be asked to provide your account’s API hash & key simply copy and paste it from your account.

Now go back to your Heroku account, go to the Resources tab, click on the pencil icon and turn on the bot, if you did everything correctly, your Telegram account should be a user bot now.


I can understand fully well that the tutorial seems confusing, not to worry, there’s the comment box below, if you still need further assistance, do let me know to see how I can assist you.

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Ayomide Steven July 7, 2020 - 10:45 am

Hello, you guys are doing a great work here.
i can, t even understand it for once.
I have try my possible best to do it but it seem confused to me.
I dnt know how you can help me out.

Daniel Johnson July 7, 2020 - 10:51 am

I understand you! Where are you having issues. Does it have to do with the Termux app or creating an app on Heroku.


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