How to turn of suggested posts on Instagram

Instagram suggests content based on your activity on the platform, the accounts you follow, and the popularity of the content and creators. These suggestions are based on things such as:

  • Your activity: Who you follow and what posts you’ve liked, saved, or commented on.
  • Your connections: Your history of connecting with that account or similar accounts on Instagram.
  • Information about the post: How popular the post may be, how others on Instagram are interacting with the post, and when or where it was posted.
  • Information about the account: How many times people have interacted with that account in the past few weeks.

Suggested posts are useful on Instagram because they provide a convenient way to discover new content from creators that match your interests. What’s good for one person may not be good for the other. If you don’t find this feature helpful, there are some ways you can use it to get rid of suggested posts on Instagram.

Steps to turn off suggested posts on Instagram

When you find a suggested post in your feed, tap the vertical three-dots icon at the top-right corner and choose “Not Interested” in the pop-up menu. After doing this, Instagram would hide that particular post and show you a prompt with an option to snooze seeing suggested posts for 30 days. Tap “Snooze all suggested posts in feed for 30 days” to hide recommended posts for a month.

An alternative method you can use to turn off suggested posts on the Instagram app is by setting up and switching to your “Following” or “Favorite” feeds introduced earlier this year.

Given that these feeds are focused on bringing you content from people you follow, you can rest assured that you won’t see suggested posts while browsing them. You can tap on the Instagram logo and choose “Following” or “Favorites” to view posts from specific accounts of your liking. By browsing these feeds instead of the default “Home” feed, you can stay away from post suggestions.

There’s no way to disable post suggestions on Instagram but you can avoid them using any of the methods mentioned above. If you find this article helpful, do help us share it with your friends who need this using any of the share buttons below. If you have any other queries related to Instagram features, let us know in the comments below.

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