How to unblock your website URL on Facebook under 24 hours

by Johnson Daniel

Facebook is still a great place to drive traffic to your website. In the process of driving traffic to your website by dropping links to the articles on your website can sometimes lead to your website’s URL, getting banned on Facebook.

What always leads to your URL getting banned on Facebook is because you’ve violated one or more of their policies, and sometimes, you feel like they’ve got it all wrong.

I’ve had one of my URLs get blocked by Facebook some years back as this dealt a significant blow to me and my blog as at then. After following some procedures which I’m going to outline here in this article, I unblocked the URL and was able to post the URL once more on iphone 6 with note pads 744464

How to unblock a URL on Facebook

For you to be reading this now, I’m sure that your URL has been blocked on Facebook, not to worry, I’m going to show you three different steps to take to get your URL unblocked on Facebook.

1. Facebook  Debug Tool

The Facebook Debug Tool is mainly used to unblock a particular area of a website’s domain that cannot appear on Facebook. For example, If this is the specific type of problem you face, then you just need to resolve some errors on your website using the debug tool.

To use the debug tool to fix this error, simply go to, enter the URL that cannot be posted to Facebook to fix it. If it doesn’t debug, paste your site’s URL only to check your settings for Facebook Open Graph.

2. Contact Facebook Help Center

Using this method is simply the best and easiest way to unblock your website’s URL on Facebook. If your domain as a whole was blocked to appear on Facebook, ask as many people you know on Facebook (close friends, fans etc.) to help you fill in the form just below the message that reads “we believe the link you are trying to visit is malicious. For your safety, we have blocked it.” when you/they try to post your link on Facebook. Here’s an example of an appealing message that you can ask them to send to Facebook.

Good day Facebook!
With all due respect, I would like to inform you about my website URL https://www.yourdomainnamehere which i think was wrongly blocked on Facebook; I was dumbfounded when my web visitor informed me that Facebook blocked my domain and he was unable to share my website link on Facebook. On hearing this, as though i am panicking I quickly logged on to Facebook to confirm; only to find out that i have also been blocked from sharing my website link on my Facebook News feed and timeline.

I am convinced that I didn’t go against your policies. But i sincerely apologize if I have broken Facebook policy by error.


Page: Facebook Page
Many Thanks

Johnson Daniel

3. Using Google

This step doesn’t work for everyone, and you might just be in luck if you try it for your website, and it works for you. Paste your blocked link on the Google search box, wait for the result and copy the link on google result. Now go to or any reputable URL shortener and shorten the URL, after doing that try sharing it on Facebook; If you are lucky it will be posted on Facebook, but if it didn’t, I have one more solution for you.


I call this a bonus because I can help you get your link unblocked on Facebook, it would cost you just N3,000 to get it unblocked under 24 hours. If you’re interested in getting this service, please reach out to me using the contact page on the blog.



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