How to use Gmail without internet connection

by Johnson Daniel
Google Chrome

Google has added an exciting feature to its mailing app, Gmail. This feature lets you use Gmail without being connected to the internet. Let’s quickly learn more about this feature and how to use Gmail offline.

How to use Gmail without an internet connection

  • Download Chrome browser on your PC.
  • Go to Gmail offline settings.
  • Check “Enable offline mail.”scrnli 6 27 2022 6 03 08 PM
  • Choose your settings, such as how many days of messages you want to sync.
  • Click Save changes.

How to turn off the Gmail offline feature

  • On your computer, open Google Chrome.
  • At the top right, click More > Settings.
  • At the bottom, click Advanced.
  • Under “Privacy and security,” click Content settings > Cookies.
  • Click See all cookies and site data > Remove all.


  1. Go to Gmail offline settings.
  2. Uncheck “Enable offline mail.”

The “Gmail offline” feature is only currently accessible via PC. When you send emails offline, your email goes into a new “Outbox” folder and gets sent as soon as you go back online.

To make it easier to use Gmail when you are offline, it is highly recommended you bookmark in Chrome. If you’re using Gmail with your work or school account, you can ask your admin to help change your settings. For those of you wondering who your administrator might be, it is either:

  • The person who gave you your username, as in
  • Someone in your IT department or Help desk (at a company or school).
  • The person who manages your email service or website (in a small business or club).

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