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by Johnson Daniel
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The burning question on some people’s mind is what will I do when I have free browsing at my disposal? Questions like this are very good to ask however very difficult to experience and see if your query can be answered. Free browsing comes once in a while in this part of our world but they sometimes come through odd means which makes free browsing have a limited time period at which it lasts.

An example of this free browsing is the MTN daily 50MB free browsing, every day, an MTN user has access to 50MB data courtesy of the Stark VPN Reloaded app. This is good for some MTN customers who can’t afford to buy data every time, they can just make use of the 50MB daily free browsing tweak on their MTN SIM card.

The daily free browsing also allows any MTN customer to download files but not any files simply because the data cap is 50MB. What if the 50MB data gets finished and you need to quickly check a website for some information, no access to buy airtime or data, what do you do?

What you can do is to get either an MTN or Airtel SIM card without any airtime or active data plan, install the Opera Mini browser on the device and start browsing for free. You might ask how this is possible, I have the answer to that.

Before the beginning of the year, Opera partnered with MTN & Airtel to provide free browsing to Nigerians. The free browsing is capped at 50MB which is enough for a day, the free browsing covers browsing only. Video streaming and file downloads are charged out of your normal data bundle. That’s the only disadvantage from this partnership, with this, you can visit your favourite sites for free, just make sure you have an MTN or Airtel SIM card and Opera Mini app.Banner 4 1024x462 1

In case you try to browse with your MTN or Airtel SIM card and it doesn’t work, try enabling data savings (auto, extreme or high) in Opera Mini or use Opera News and you will browse for free up to 50MB automatically.

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