How to watch live football on Android, iPhone, PC for free in 2022

by Johnson Daniel

A new year, the same old problem for some football lovers when it comes to watching their favourite team(s) play. Down through the years, several apps have been produced to come to the aid of those who want to watch their favourite team(s) play. Some of these apps are free to use while some require payment to use them.

Some users would prefer these paid apps because most of these free to use apps has in-app ads to help publishers keep their content free for users while earning easily scalable revenue. Knowing that they need to earn one way or the other, you can’t blame these publishers for having this type of ad, notwithstanding, we like these apps like that.

Several apps like Yacine TV is available for Android users for free usage, I’ve also listed several websites to stream live sports with for free on this blog. Here today, we will be looking at an additional alternative you can use to watch live football on any of your smart devices, PC inclusive.

Some of you reading this now would already know about this platform and are using it already. The platform in question is called ‘SportyBet.’ SportyBet is a betting website, this doesn’t imply in any way that I’m supporting the notion of betting despite it being legal in several countries. What we are here to learn is how we can watch live football for free on our smartphones and PC. So let’s go ahead with the tutorial.

Steps to watch live football on Android, iPhone, PC for free using SportyBet

  • Open your web browser and go to or download the app on your Android device.
  • Create an account or sign up on the platform and go to the live section of the site.228e8951 253c 49c3 8d75 1c5dd1c7acc5
  • Locate the match you want to watch and tap on the name of the team.
  • Look for a sign that has ‘S TV,’ click on it, and start watching the match. The video quality of the live match all depends on how strong your network signal is.31fe4374 32bf 47a7 8cad 89d074ec3846

With this, you can watch almost all live football matches from the comfort of your home. If you find this helpful, feel free to share it with your friends and family, and if you find it a bit complicated to carry out on your end, leave a comment below, I’ll be glad to assist you with watching live football matches on your phone or PC.

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