How to win prizes betting on sports for free via PlayFulBet

by Johnson Daniel

PlayFulBet is a social sports platform where users from all areas of the world place bets on sport games for free of charge and try to win prizes. Thanks to a certain man named Pol Ruiz, a former professional poker player, he opened this platform 7 years back.

Normally, we won’t be talking about PlayFulBet in the first place because betting is not really something that should be fully supported as it has made many individuals lose valuable items/money but with PlayFulBet not requiring any money from you in order to place bets, then why don’t we seize the opportunity and try it out.

PlayFulBet allows users in any country whatsoever to create free accounts, receive virtual coins and use these virtual coins to place bets on sports. You can only place bets on; Football, Basketball, Tennis, e-Sports, Baseball and Rugby. When you predict the outcome of any game and your prediction comes out true, you will receive coins plus the one you placed the bet with. It’s more like how the normal betting game works.How to win prizes betting on sports for free via PlayFulBet

Now, when you’ve accumulated a certain number of coin, you can exchange them for cash prizes. The available prizes depends on the country that you’re using PlayFulBet from. Here in Nigeria, you can exchange your coins for Xiaomi mi Pad 4, Xiaomi Redmi Note 7, Skrill Card $25, Neteller $25, Soccer T-shirt, Sweatshirt Jordan 23, Samsung Galaxy ACE and so many other things. It is actually fun to use PlayFulBet, but in order to begin to use PlayFulBet, you need to join the club. One question, how do you join…How to win prizes betting on sports for free via PlayFulBet

How to join PlayFulBet

Launch your browser and go to or click here to go to the site, when you’re on the homepage, sign up. It is advisable to use either Facebook or Google to sign up so that you won’t need to remember any password or username. Immediately you sign up, you will be given 4000 coins which you are to use for startup.

After having the 4000 coins, you are obliged to start placing bets but I will advise you to keep reading this article simply because there are things that you may not really know about how the whole thing works.

In PlayFulBet, there are levels. The levels indicate your seniority at PlayFulBet. The highest level you can reach is Level 30 and your avatar’s badges reflect the level you are at. As you increase your level you will unlock the access to certain functions and bonuses.

How can you go up a level?

Almost anything you do at PlayFulBet will earn you experience. Any bet, especially if you win, will earn you a good experience. Doing promotions, watching videos, receiving your daily bonus or getting referrals will also earn you a good quantity of experience plus Coins that you win with each one.

  • Level 2 Access to the Chat
  • Level 4 Draws and Pools
  • Level 6 Available bets in special events
  • Level 10 Daily bonus x2
  • Level 14 Available bets for Exact Results x1
  • Level 18- Daily bonus x3
  • Level 22- Reload in 7 hours
  • Level 27- Reload in 6 hours
  • Level 30 – Available bets for Exact Result x2 + permanent daily Bonus

One great thing about PlayFulBet is that you will surely get free coins everyday you visit your dashboard. The Daily Bonus is a prize that is given out regularly to the users. You can receive one per calendar day and the quantity is 100 Coins per consecutive day that you visit the platform until a max of 5 days (500 Coins). After the fifth day, the quantity is constant as long as you maintain the streak of consecutive days.

Starting at certain levels, this quantity is increased. There are two “milestones” of this kind:

  • Starting at level 10, the quantity is multiplied by 2.
  • Starting at level 18, the quantity is multiplied by 3.

What is the daily permanent bonus?

Once you’ve reached level 30 the streak of consecutive days has a grace period (10 days) in which you will maintain the streak even though you can’t visit your dashboard. As you see, its not 100% “permanent”, but its close to it.

Each participant on the PlayFulBet platform has a rating. The rating is a figure that summarizes the Player’s Profile and allows to compare it with others. The rating takes into consideration many aspects of your activity at PlayFulBet during the last weeks: your perseverance, your success in risky bets, the amount of available Coins. Your rating can go down temporarily if you lose a bet or if you stop playing.

The users that have the best ratings (starting at 75) unblock stars that distinguish them as users to follow because of their understanding in sports or their betting expertise. Also, the rewarded rankings, the chats and other functionalities take ratings into consideration. Last but not the least, what do we need to know about the betting and the results, let’s find out.

  • PlayFulBet has the right of canceling all the bets if the games have signs of cheating.
  • All the bets are based on the result that is given during the regular time and additional time. It does not include overtime nor penalties (except for Basketball and Baseball matches).
  • If a delayed match is not resolved in 24 hours, all the bets will be canceled and all coins will be returned.
  • There is a limit of 3 bets per event. If you bet exact results, you will be able to make 3 more bets.

Any user that has enough coins to get a prize can fill the form on the prize page. Once the prize has been sent, the coins of the user will be reduced to zero.

How to earn coins on PlayFulBet

There are few ways by which you can earn more coins on the PlayFulBet platform to boost your chances of exchanging it for a prize or two. Asides from placing bets, you can rack more coins by;

  1. Completing surveys on the site;
  2. Performing daily offers;
  3. Via referral.

For each user you invite, you will win 1,500 Coins immediately and 10% of all the Coins that each user wins with the available offers in Earn coins or with the promotional videos, with no limit. The friend you invited will win 1,000 extra Coins thanks to you.

PlayFulBet is a social game and its largely thanks to all users. You make it possible for the community to always get bigger inviting your friends, so don’t dull, let’s be on this great community together.

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