Infinix launched a digital wallet app co-developed with mobile financial services platform PalmPay, sometime in April 2022. This digital wallet is called Infinix Wallet.

The aim of developing this digital wallet is for mobile phone users to have the ability to easily complete credit and balance account applications, mobile phone top-ups, daily shopping, money transfers, and more with simple operations on their mobile phones making their digital finances simple and secure.

Our primary focus doesn’t lie in any of this but in the free airtime reward that awaits so many of us. The airtime reward is N200 and applicable to any major network in Nigeria. I’ll drive straight to the point and show you how you can claim this airtime reward for yourself.

Steps to claiming the N200 airtime free reward from Infinix Wallet

Download and install Infinix Wallet from Google Playstore. Launch the app, go to the “Me” section of the app and tap the banner that reads, “Log in Now – Get N400 Welcome Reward.”photo5816452258404088364

A page should pop up asking you to either login or register. Kindly register using your details as soon as you’re done with this step, a pop-up banner should appear just like the one in the screenshot below.

Tap “Use Now.” A new page should come up, provide your phone number, select the network provider, and the amount you want to recharge your phone line with. The amount should not be greater than N200.

Tap the continue button, select one of the N200 coupons, select payment method as your balance, tap the green button just below, and provide your PIN to finalize everything. You should get your airtime reward in some seconds to a minute.

You might be wondering why you are seeing N400 welcome reward but can only use half of it. I don’t have the answer for that because I tried using the coupon but ended up paying with my cash, my advice for you is to get the N200 airtime and wait for a while before you try again.

Infinix Wallet is only available for Android users since it is a product from Infinix Mobility, a leading Android smartphone manufacturer in this part of the world.

By Johnson Daniel

I'm a blog artist by the mind and a passionate blogger by heart ❤️ who loves to explore the latest in tech news, reviews, and tutorials.

10 thoughts on “How to get N200 airtime for free from Infinix Wallet”
  1. Please y’all shouldn’t download this infinix wallet app o they trick you into taking loan of 2500 and bug your phone when you don’t pay up on time as for the free airtime it’s fake it doesn’t work ion why this tg channel is promoting this rubbish

    1. I’m not asking you to download the Infinix app, if you can read clearly, it says how to get airtime, only God knows where you saw collecting loan from.

      Besides, hundreds of person got the airtime, so you collecting a loan from them is kinda sus cus no one talked about loan.

    2. That’s not true at all..
      Many people got this airtime (including me) and here you are saying something else

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