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by Johnson Daniel
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We currently have one WhatsApp group and at the end of this article, I will drop the links to our WhatsApp group for you to join. photo5796360543127319276

I will like also to use this medium to clearly state out some dos and don’ts on the group, in lame man’s tongue, the group’s rules and regulations. Anyone that violates the group rules gets removed from the group.

The rules and regulations of Qualytech WhatsApp group

  • You have no right whatsoever to lay insults on any of the admins.
  • You are not permitted to post any links on the group except the one owned by Qualytech itself.
  • There shall be no use of abusive words.
  • No talks on religious or political matters.
  • No sharing of illicit/pornographic, racist pictures of videos.


As you can see, the group rules are not much and are easy to follow but don’t be surprised if you still see some people violate the group rules. If you happen to be part of those violators, you will be removed from the group without hesitation. You have the right to be added back to the group after removal but it would require you to carry out a small task first.

How to join Qualytech WhatsApp group

Click here to join Qualytech WhatsApp group

Just remember that adhering to the group rules is very vital in as much as we know that you might be better off by not being in the group. You are also welcomed to join us on Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, we always respect your decision and we look forward to interacting with you, thank you.

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