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Android 12 is still in the phase of rolling out to some selected Android devices while Android 12L is currently in the Beta phase as it aims to optimize the user experience for larger-sized devices like tablets and foldable. Meanwhile, Google is working on Android 13 “Tiramisu” and it is getting its first look as XDA-Developers reveals screenshots from an early build of Android 13. The outlet confirms it is confident about the screenshots it is providing in its report.

The first feature is codenamed “Panlingual” and it means that instead of setting one language to apply universally to all apps and menus, users would be able to set a universal language for the UI and menus, but then set languages to apps on a per-app basis. This would offer multi-lingual users more options within the “Languages and Input” menu that can also be accessed through the “App Info” screen.

Apps might no longer be able to spam users with notifications without consent as there’s evidence within Android 13 that suggests Notifications could become an opt-in feature in the future. As you can see in the screenshots below, “Notifications” is listed as permission that can be denied or allowed, and that permission could even be revoked after some amount of time.

There’s a new layout for the lock screen clock as well. With Android 12, the clock changed to a “two-line” layout that changes to a single line when a notification appears. With Android 13, you’d be able to disable the two-line clock layout altogether.

Since it is an early build, all features mentioned here are subject to change before the final list of features start to arrive usually after Google I/O (normally sometime in May).


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