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LinkCollider is a free SEO tool with social media advertising help with getting likes, tweets, shares, subscribers, followers & blog posts. When talking about SEO, you don’t leave blogs, websites behind. This same tool also helps to improve SEO and increase website traffic all for free.

I’ve known about LinkCollider for over two years now, I’ve used it, seen how it works and how efficient they can be and just to let you know, they’ve been in the game for long now so this makes them capable of helping you get free followers for any of your social media account(s).LinkCollider review

What is the use of LinkCollider?

Getting an answer to this particular question will help you understand what this free SEO tool is all about. Here’s a list containing the functions that this SEO tool can serve. LinkCollider can help you get;

  • Facebook likes & followers.
  • Pinterest pins.
  • Twitter tweets & followers.
  • Facebook shares.
  • YouTube subscribers.
  • Pinterest followers.
  • Instagram followers.
  • TikTok followers.
  • Tumblr reposts.
  • WordPress posts.
  • Blogger/Blogspot posts.
  • Stumbleupon/Mix posts.

The website owners/bloggers would wonder how LinkCollider can help with SEO. Well, LinkCollider has small SEO tools that can help with that. The search engine optimization tools you can find on LinkCollider are;

  • Drop My Link: Create backlinks for websites for free using this simple yet powerful SEO tools to increase backlinks free for bloggers and other site owners.
  • Search Engine Submission: Get found faster on Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, Excite, and MSN using its free search engine submission tool.
  • Bookmark Submission: This tool will allow you to submit your website to selected high PR social bookmarking sites.
  • Spintax Tester: This tool will compile the spintax you composed so you can see how it is looking before using it.
  • Article Rewriter: Use an Article Rewriter to generate a new article by replacing words with similar synonyms.
  • Keyword Tools: Select keywords wisely by using the most trusted keyword tools to improve website SEO.
  • Directory Submission: Submit a website to hundreds of open directory sites for free using the directory submission tool.
  • Article Spinner: This tool will automatically generate a spintax based on every word of your content/article.
  • Character Counter: Use this character counting tool for metadata, tweets, and other content optimizations.
  • Link Shortener: Make any link shorter for social media or content sharing in just seconds using the link shortening tool.
  • Sitemap Generators: Help search engines find your content more efficiently by creating a sitemap. The result is better traffic and higher SEO rankings.
  • Link Building: Easily create backlinks using our backlink generator.

These tools only help with SEO but don’t guarantee any positive results. For example, the article rewriter tool isn’t as efficient as expected, and some other tools fall into this category.

I can’t stand behind their SEO tools and say how efficient they are because I’ve not given it a fair trial in the past up till now, but I can’t say the same for the social media tools that can help you get free subscribers for your account(s).

I had made use of Linkcollider’s social media tools and can fully attest that it helped me grow some of my social media accounts, including my YouTube channel, when I just started running it. If you’re interested in giving LinkCollider a trial, here’s how to go about it.

How to get started with LinkCollider

Click here to go to LinkCollider’s registration page. Sign up for an account either by submitting your details or using a social media account. I prefer you to use the latter option to save yourself from having to remember another password

After creating an account, you should get logged in automatically if you don’t get logged in, log in to your dashboard. The first thing you need to do after logging in to your LinkCollider dashboard is to submit your Personal/Business Website, Facebook Page, Pinterest Page, Twitter Page, Instagram page, TikTok page or a YouTube Channel. 

After submitting your website or page, you need to generate tokens that can help you get followers, likes or visits to your social media account/website. These tokens serve as your money on LinkCollider. There are two means to get tokens on the platform. You can either pay for tokens or get it for free.

Paying for these tokens will make it easier for you while getting it for free will make it difficult for you as you need to complete some tasks to obtain these tokens.

Life on LinkCollider after getting these tokens is easy, as you only need to wait for your followers to start coming in as expected. It may take hours to get activities, but be rest assured that you will surely see a positive result. One thing you should keep in mind is that more tokens = more activities to get!scrnli 8 20 2020 8 05 55 PM

Asides from all of this, you can also make money from LinkCollider. There are currently two means to achieve that feat. One is through its referral program, and the other is by using its shorten URL feature.

At this point, no one needs to tell you which pays more as we all know that it is the referral program and not to worry, and I’ll disclose all information you need to know about the two ways you can use to make money from them.

How LinkCollider affiliate program works

You get to earn up to $55.99 Per Referral by sharing your affiliate link. You will get a 20% commission for every person you bring to LinkCollider that buys a membership plan for the first time. All commissions will go to your PayPal account within 15 days of purchase. You can learn how to create a PayPal account from any of these articles (i.e., if you do not have one yet);


Membership Amount You’ll Get
Premium Membership $11.99
Premium Membership (Annual) $27.99
Gold Membership $23.99
Gold Membership (Annual) $55.99

Click here to get started with LinkCollider’s affiliate program.

How LinkCollider URL shortener works

LCLinks, as it is also known, will fetch you $1 for every 500 unique people that visit your shorten URLs. All commissions will go to your PayPal account every 30th of the month automatically with a minimum of $30 payout per link. Click here to get started with LinkCollider’s URL shortener and earn from it.


Visits Amount You’ll Get
Every 500 Unique Person $1.00
  • Total Clicks means those who visited your shorten URL for the first time.
  • Unique Visits are those who clicked your shorten URL via other websites for the first time. (Owner visit is not counted)

Clicks from Adult Site, Virus Site, Popup/Popunder, and Autosurf like sites are not counted.

To sum it all up, Linkcollider is a great tool, though, but using it uncautiously could be dangerous to your website health, but before then, see what people are saying about it. If you are looking to get more likes, views, hits, subscribers, to any of your social pages and videos, then LinkCollider has it covered.

Don’t pass it off as just another sub4sub or view for view site. It has a great selection of SEO tools and is easily the best tool for this kind of link building.

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