Mara announces Mara wallet: Download and earn free crypto

by Johnson Daniel

Mara, a pan-African company that offers an ever-expanding suite of crypto products, has announced the pre-launch of the Mara Wallet, a portal to the crypto economy aimed at assisting people in starting their journey toward conveniently managing their crypto-finance needs, taking a significant step toward financial freedom, and learning more about cryptocurrency and blockchain in Africa.

The wallet is still in its pre-launch state and for this reason, the company, Mara is rewarding users who join the platform early. There is a waitlist for those who entered and at this moment, there should be over 60,000 people on the list. The Mara Wallet waitlist, the core mechanic of the pre-launch app, is aimed at crypto-curious and crypto-enthusiast users who seek early access to the exchange.

In describing how the Mara wallet waitlist works, Co-Founder and CEO at Mara, Chi Nnadi said, “Pre-registered users will join a queue to enable early access on a first-come, first-served basis. Moreover, a higher position on the waitlist increases the odds of periodically winning prizes. Users instantly earn a signup reward when they join the waitlist. All users who refer the Mara Wallet to their friends, family, and community also earn further rewards when those users sign up using their unique referral link. Pre-registered users who participate in the referral activity also improve their chances of moving to top positions on the waitlist.”

How to join Mara wallet’s waitlist

Joining Mara’s waitlist is easy. All you have to do is to download Mara wallet here on your Android & iOS device and wait. All you have to do now is to invite friends to download the app by tapping the “Refer a friend > Share my referral link.” When anyone signs up with your referral link, you will move up the waitlist, and both you and the referral will earn a reward.

Mara will initially launch in Kenya and Nigeria, with its first product being a simplified user-friendly Wallet through which users can easily buy, sell, send, and withdraw cryptocurrencies. Mara will also launch a pro exchange for experienced users who prefer a full set of trading options and technical analysis tools. The Mara Chain will launch later, granting savvy developers a place to build decentralized applications that will help shape the future of the African crypto economy. Mara’s executive team includes former executives from Amazon, PayPal, Uber, NVIDIA, Founders Bank, Rappi, and more.

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