Meta introduces 3D Avatars to Instagram stories, rolls out updated options for Facebook and Messenger

by Johnson Daniel

Meta is introducing 3D avatars to Instagram stories and direct messages. It has also released updated avatars for Facebook and Messenger. The update brings new facial shapes and assistive devices like wheelchairs for differently abled people. The update is currently available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, along with other countries where the rollout has already begun. The Facebook parent company has also teamed up with the NFL to release Super Bowl LVI shirts for avatars. People can now outfit their avatars with limited-time shirts of either Cincinnati Bengals or Los Angeles Rams.

The announcement of a new avatar was made by General Manager Aigerim Shorman on the official blog of Meta.

In a blog post, the Manager said, “Since revealing our long-term vision of the metaverse at Connect 2021, we’ve continued building out this next evolution of social technology, building towards a future where you can sit in the same room as loved ones who are actually thousands of miles away or work naturally with a talented team that spans the globe.”

The updated avatars on Facebook and Messenger have been rolled out. For the first time, the 3D avatars are available on Instagram as well.

Currently, people can make two different avatars, one for Instagram, one for Facebook and Messenger, and a third for VR.

The users who are registered with Accounts Centre have the option to sync the avatars on different platforms. Facebook users who created avatars in the past can see it converted to 3D avatars.

Currently, avatars are available in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. There are no words on availability in other regions.

Meta has updated the look of avatars with subtle tweaks to the face shapes and skin shades. The company is planning to bring more customization options to Avatar editor in 2022.

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