CryptoTab Browser is a free lightweight browser empowered with additional functionality for Bitcoin mining. It can be personalized according to your wishes with thousands of available extensions to extend the browser’s functionality and make your browsing experience fast and comfortable.

CryptoTab Browser is one-of-a-kind software developed specifically for mining Bitcoins. It has a built-in mining algorithm allowing you to simply browse the web and earn Bitcoins right in your account. What is more, as a CryptoTab Browser user, you can participate in our referral program, where you can invite friends, promote CryptoTab Browser through social media and get additional earnings.photo5902099000117539809

If you ever used mCent browser, an app that rewarded its users with airtime all for using the browser to carry out all your browsing activities, CryptoTab browser performs similarly the only difference is the payment currency.

CryptoTab is the world’s first browser with built-in mining feature. It lets you earn cryptocurrency just by visiting sites, watching videos or chatting online. CryptoTab will pay you real bitcoin which you can convert into your local currency and use.

Why use CryptoTab browser?

You might be having doubts with how the browser’s interface will look like, I must tell you that it’s nothing different from Chrome browser.

This browser combines smooth and comfortable user experience with some unique cryptocurrency-related features. CryptoTab Browser brings you a familiar & user-friendly interface, solid security and impressive set of features:

  • Incognito mode — for more private & secure browsing
  • “Do Not Track” feature — prevent sites from tracking you
  • Tab gestures — control multiple tabs with just a point of your finger
  • Simplified view — focus on the main things, forget about the rest
  • Pop-up blocking — if you hate pop-ups, you’ll love this feature
  • Effortlessly import your data from another browser and synchronize across multiple devices.
  • Enhance your browser with over 150 thousand extensions.
  • The mining feature allows you to earn cryptocurrency with no need to buy special equipment. Use the browser as you are used to, visit your favourite sites and communicate over the web — CryptoTab mining algorithm will take care of the rest.

How to join and earn bitcoin from CryptoTab browser

  • Download CryptoTab browser for your Android or iOS or Windows computer here.
  • After the download is complete, the app would automatically install by itself on your smartphone device while for Windows, click Run or Save.
  • Once installed, you will be offered to sign in with your Google Account to import your settings, including bookmarks, favourites, history and saved passwords, from your current browser, or make CryptoTab Browser a default browser for your convenience.

How to set up a mining account?

Open CryptoTab Browser, find CryptoTab icon on the toolbar and click on it. In the opened mining screen you should find “settings” item in the right drop-down menu. There you can link CryptoTab Browser to your social network account. It will save your data and earnings in case of clearing browser’s cache, reinstallation of operational system or computer crash. It is highly recommended!

How to activate mining?

Right after installation, you need to open your browser and click on CryptoTab icon in the right upper corner. In the opened window, you will be able to turn mining On and adjust your mining speed. You will be mining as long as your browser is open and mining mode is on. Surf the Internet the way you normally do and earn Bitcoins!

How can I increase mining speed?

You can adjust your mining speed in the left bottom corner of CryptoTab Browser window for best results.

Mining is blocked, what can I do?

In case you see a warning that mining is blocked, it means your account is terminated. This can happen if CryptoTab Browser terms of use are violated in any manner and your account will not be recovered, unfortunately.

Can I mine cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin?

CryptoTab software is mining Monero(XMR) and then converts them to Bitcoins following the current exchange rate, that is why your balance is displayed in BTC.

At the moment, this is the only cryptocurrency that is being offered as it’s the most popular one, but they are working on new alternatives for you and will update you as soon as new coins are available for mining with CryptoTab Browser.

How to earn more bitcoin from CryptoTab Browser affiliate program

The amount of your earnings depends on how many referrals you brought in and how often you shared your referral link in social networks.

CryptoTab referral program includes up to 10 levels of friends. You can see a breakdown below describing your commission from friends’ mining activity by level:

Level Earnings
1st Level 15%
2nd Level 10%
3rd Level 5%
4th Level 3%
5th Level 2%
6th Level 1%
7th Level 0.5%
8th Level 0.25%
9th Level 0.125%
10th Level 0.0625%

To get your referral link, open the browser window and find information about your referrals in the bottom right corner. You can check how big your referral network is, how many referrals you brought in and see the number of referrals on each level.photo5902099000117539808

You can copy your referral link there and start inviting new people anytime. The more referrals you have, the more you earn!

How to withdraw the bitcoins

You need to earn at least 0.00001 BTC which is our minimum amount for withdrawing. It won’t take long and you can probably reach this amount right on the first day! And it will take even less time if you invite friends to your mining network.

You need a bitcoin wallet to be able to receive the bitcoin. I can always recommend to you the best one to use and that is Luno. Download Luno from here, register using your email address and password, select your country of residence, tick the “I’m not a robot” button, click the blue “Sign Up” button at the bottom of the page to create your Luno account. Luno will send you an email to verify the registration on the site and to ensure you have access to the registered email address.

To withdraw your Bitcoins, you will be asked to log in with one of your social network accounts. This is requested for security reasons to protect your access and make it possible to recover your ID if needed.

Then, please go to CryptoTab Browser menu (icon in the form of three horizontal lines) and choose Withdraw BTC. Enter your Bitcoin wallet address that you would like your Bitcoins to go to and the amount you want to withdraw.

That’s all I can let off from earning from CryptoTab browser, if you want to earn with ease, you should probably use the referral program that would help you earn more bitcoins with ease.

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