MTN Beep service – Make phone calls with no airtime on MTN

by Johnson Daniel

MTN Beep Service is an auto-triggered beep call that allows customers who have run out of airtime, or those with insufficient airtime on their lines, to flash their loved ones. It will appear as a missed call on their number.

This service will enable customers to reach out to their loved ones even with zero balance on their lines. e.g if Mr John wants to call his sister and he has zero balance or insufficient credit, all he needs to do is pick up his phone and dial his sister’s number. The network will automatically drop a missed call on his sister’s line. This will prompt the sister to call Mr John back.How to make phone calls with no airtime on MTN

MTN Beep Service works similarly to the Glo Pay4Me, and Airtel Call Collect Service but instead of flashing your loved ones, customers using Glo or Airtel can make the recipient pay for the phone call.

How does MTN Beep service work?

As said earlier, this service lets all MTN customers who have run out of airtime or have insufficient airtime balance to make a call. It applies to both on-net and off-net calls, i.e. MTN to MTN Calls and MTN to other local networks.

This means that if you have insufficient airtime and you call an MTN number or other local networks, the beep service will apply. However, customers will not be able to drop beep service to short code numbers such as 180, 112, 4100, etc. Despite letting you make calls without having sufficient airtime, a customer has access to 20 beep service calls a day.

How to use this service

You need to have insufficient airtime on your MTN SIM before you can use this service. If you meet up any of these requirements, make a call with that SIM card. You should hear this the start of call announcement:

“Your balance is too low for this call. Dial 904airtime amount# to buy airtime directly from your bank. Thank you”

Then the person you called will receive an SMS on his/her phone with the content below:

“You have successfully dropped a flash call on 23480xxxxxxxx @ hh: mm”

A missed call will be seen on the recipient’s phone. If an eligible XtraTime customer with insufficient airtime makes a call, s/he will hear the announcement:

“Your balance is too low to make this call, dial 606# to borrow airtime from MTN or dial *904airtime amount# to buy airtime directly from your bank”.


Yello! Press 11 to borrow <Nxx> MTN Xtratime as your balance is too low to make a call. You will be charged a service fee of <Nyy>

If the customer takes an action by dialling *606# or presses 11, then s/he will receive an SMS instruction on how to borrow airtime and the beep service will not apply. Since the customer can borrow airtime there will be no point in the beep service.

Lastly, on this service, it will never amount to a disturbance on customer’s lines rather it will enable customers to have uninterrupted calls with their loved ones which may not have been possible as a result of insufficient airtime.

Glo customers also have access to enjoy this service. Just like the MTN Beep service, Glo customers with low or zero airtime balance can call any number on any network. For more info on this service, read this.


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