MTN Biz Plus – All that you need to know about the MTN Business plan

by Johnson Daniel

MTN Biz Plus is a prepaid service that provides customers with better pricing which introduces lower cost on-net GSM Voice, Data and SMS bundles targeted primarily for the SMEs. MTN Biz Plus offers a cost-effective call rate of 11k/sec to all networks with a daily access fee of N7.50.Biz plus

To enjoy the service of MTN Biz Plus on your smartphone, you need to purchase an MTN SIM or migrate their existing numbers to the MTN Biz Plus service by dialing 4601*1# or text BizPlus to 131. Upon migration, you can choose a voice and data bundle that meets your needs.

MTN Biz Plus Bundles

Bundle Price Activation code to 131 Activation (USSD) Voice SMS Data ICT Validity
SMS 469
60 Mins
30 SMS
Business Tips
30 Days
SmartBiz Plus
SMS 471
60 Mins
50 SMS
30 Days
SMS 469
100 Mins
100 SMS
30 Days
SMS 462
300 Mins
100 SMS
30 Days
SMS 464
1000 Mins
100 SMS
30 Days

Other MTN Biz Class Codes USSD activation codes are as follows:

USSD Code Function
*460# BIZ Plus Menu
*460*1# BIZ Plus SC migration
*460*2# Biz Plus Bundle Menu
*460*2*5# More Biz bundle options
*460*2*5*8# Biz Plus Advantage Bundle
*460*2*5*9# To obtain information about each bundle package

It is required that one migrates first to MTN Biz Plus Service Class before accessing any of the bundles:

  1. On your mobile device with MTN lines,
  2. Dial *460*1# on your phone or SMS 460 to 131 to migrate to the MTN BIZ Plus Service Class
  3. After successful migration, dial *460*2# to access bundles and select any bundle of choice or send the appropriate number via SMS short code number to enjoy your preferred service. See the subscription plan above for the appropriate SMS/USSD entry code to choose from.

There are no charges for dialing the access code, ∗460∗1#. Every customer can move in and out of service by themselves via a shortcode for free. Note however that every customer shall be charged N100 when he/she migrates to another service within 30 days after the previous migration.

MTN Biz Plus FAQs

How do I pay for the service?
The service will be paid for using the customer’s airtime.

Can I move in and out of the bundle at any time during the month?
Yes, provided customer has exhausted any of the three offers in the bundle i.e. customer must have exhausted either his SMS or voice or data offer to be eligible for a new subscription.

Will the packages work with MTN fixed/ wired lines?
Not at the moment, however, we are working to make this available very soon

What happens if I run out of bundle?
Customers that run out of the bundle service can re-subscribe at any time even if the 30days validity has not elapsed. A new subscription will avail a new 30-day validity to the customer for the service.

If I still have voice minutes, SMSs or Data units left just before I renew the service, will the balance units be carried over to the following month?
Yes, balances on the bundles will be rolled over if automatic renewal takes place successfully.

If I am on a Post Paid service like Closed User Group (CUG), can I migrate to the MTN BIZ Plus Bundle?
No. The customer is not allowed to opt-out of this service class by themselves. To opt-out, you will need to send a request to your accountability partner or call 0803 10 21600 for assistance

Who is it for?
MTN BIZ Plus Bundle is targeted at Small and Medium Businesses

Is MTN BIZ Plus Bundle a prepaid or postpaid service?
MTN BIZ Bundle is currently available as a prepaid service

How does the customer register for the service?
Once the customer makes an inquiry or is marketed to by the sales team, the customer subscribes to the service by following the steps in point 1 above

How does the customer renew his account?
Service is auto-renewable. Customer is required to fund his MSISDN before service expiry so that auto-renewal and auto rollover can take place where applicable

How do I know when my service will auto-renew?
The system will notify customer 48hrs before service expiry. This will enable the customer to ensure the account is funded so that auto-renewal can take place.

What happens if auto-renewal fails?
The customer will be notified (if failure is due to insufficient credit). Auto rollover will not be available and a customer can come back to service by sending the right keyword to 131 or by dialing 4602#

How do I check my bundle balance?
Customer can send 2s to 131 to get information on his/her bundle balance

Can the beneficiary check his balance?
Beneficiary of voice or data share can check his/her balance by sending ‘2v’ to 131 for voice balance or by sending ‘2d’ to 131 for data balance

Does the discounted rate apply to international calls?
Yes. The discounted rates also apply to international calls. Customer is allowed to choose only one destination to call at any one time from the 14 countries in the table below. To select the choice of international destination for discounted call rate enter 4066# on your phone and send.


1 Canada CA 50
2 China CH 50
3 France FR 50
4 Germany GE 50
5 India IN 50
6 Italy ITA 50
7 Lebanon LEB 50
8 Malaysia MA 50
9 Netherlands NE 50
10 Saudi Arabia SAD 50
11 South Africa SA 50
12 Spain SPA 50
13 UK UK 50
14 USA US 50

How do I choose my preferred international country?
To choose your preferred country, type ADD SELECT ‘country’ in your SMS and send it to 131. For example, to select Australia, you type ADD SELECT AUS and SMS to 131

Can I change my preferred international country to another one?
Yes, you can change to another international country. To change to a new country, choose your preferred country, type UPDATE SELECT ‘country’ in your SMS and send it to 131. For example, to select the USA, you type UPDATE SELECT USA and SMS to 131. Please note that your initial selection which was Australia, in this case, will cease to exist and will be replaced by the USA.

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