Everything you need to know about MTN ConnectMore

by Johnson Daniel

MTN has recently unveiled a new tariff plan tagged “ConnectMore.” This tariff plan is designed to work for organizations having 10 or more staff with a unique data bonus for Microsoft Teams. The significant benefits this tariff has to offer are:

  • No cost to the organization as staff are responsible for their subscription.
  • The staff enjoys a separate data bonus for Microsoft Teams.
  • Subscription is simply by dialing a short code.
  • A broad range of ConnectMore plans to choose from.
  • More affordable data plans than most data plans in the market.
  • A flat rate of 12k/sec applies for calls across all local networks.

MTN ConnectMore is strictly a prepaid service suitable for organizations that prefer a prepaid voice and data service for their staff and staff of organizations who use MTN as their secondary SIMs. It is only available to MTN subscribers. Non-MTN subscribers would need to port their lines to subscribe to the service.

How does MTN ConnectMore work?

  • Human Resources (HR) informs staff of the special voice and data bundle offer from MTN.
  • Staff indicates interest to get on the ConnectMore plan.
  • Human Resources collates names and MTN numbers of all interested staff to send to MTN.
  • MTN whitelists these staff numbers making them eligible for the ConnectMore plan.
  • Staff receive a message from MTN on the ConnectMore plan and dials the short code to subscribe to a plan of choice.

How to get started

Organizations should get an account partner, contact them to provide the necessary forms, and guide them through the process. Organizations without an account partner should send a mail to letstalk.ng@mtn.com and a specialist will be available to assist them.

Q. How do I purchase a ConnectMore plan?

A. To purchase a ConnectMore data bundle an eligible staff simply dials ∗460∗1∗5# and follows the prompts.

Q. What happens when I exhaust the 5GB data?

A. When you exhaust the 5GB bonus, your main data balance will be used for any subsequent Microsoft Teams usage.

Q. Do I get a bonus on any data plan I subscribe to?

A. No. You only get bonus data when you subscribe to ConnectMore data plans.

Q. Can I use the bonus for all internet activities?

No. Your bonus data can only be used for Microsoft Teams.

Q. Will I still be able to use my bonus data for Microsoft Teams if I exhaust my ConnectMore main data?

A. No. You can only access your bonus data when you still have ConnectMore main data.

Q. What happens if I exhaust my data before my monthly plan expires?

A. You can simply resubscribe to any ConnectMore plan of choice.

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