How to enjoy free bonus data with MTN Data Referral service

by Johnson Daniel

It’s almost unheard of to think of getting rewarded for referring your friend to buy data. With the MTN Data Referral service, you can enjoy this benefit.

What is the MTN Data Referral service?

Data Referral is a service that allows customers to send invites to MTN customers who have not performed internet activities on their lines within 30-365 days to buy a data bundle. The customer who refers another customer will enjoy a 10% bonus on the first data bundle activated by the referred customer while the referred customer will enjoy an additional 50% bonus on the data bundle that was purchased. The bonus will not be applicable if the referred customer buys a Winback or XtraValue bundle.How to enjoy free bonus data with MTN Data Referral service

You can only refer ten (10) phone numbers in a day for Data Referral and the 10% and 50% Data Referral bonuses will have the same validity as the main data bundle activated by the referred customers.

How to use the MTN Data Referral service

  • USSD: Dial ∗131∗1∗Referred Phone number# on your phone.
  • SMS: Send REF(space)Referred Phone number(space)Data to 131.

How to check the Data Referral bonus balance

You can check this list of MTN data plans and see how much volume of data you would be getting on every data plan your referral purchases. You can view these FAQs for more information on this service.

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