MTN e-learning 500MB cheat using Stark VPN Reloaded

by Johnson Daniel

MTN E-learning websites give you a daily 500MB data bonus that allows you to browse three government e-learning sites for primary, secondary and tertiary education. This free data offer is open to all MTN customers and can only be used to access all configured government e-learning websites, however, we would be able to power this data to work on all apps with the help of a VPN.

Yesterday, we got to learn how to configure the TunnelTweak VPN to set up this free browsing cheat for ourselves. Some individuals complained about it not working for them and with that, I’ll be showing you another VPN you can use to set this up for yourself. It’s a popular VPN that needs no introduction, Stark VPN Reloaded.

MTN e-learning 500MB daily free browsing cheat using Stark VPN Reloaded

Visit or, wait for a minute or two to receive the free 500MB data from MTN. You would receive a text message from MTN telling you about the data. The message should read;

Yello Surprise! You have received FREE 500MB from MTN to browse selected e-Learning sites…

After receiving the 500MB data, you can confirm to see if you’ve gotten the data by dialling ∗131∗4#. Now, download Stark VPN Reloaded from Google Playstore and launch the app.

Refresh the tweaks using a working internet connection, select MTN E-learn 500MB and tap the big red button to connect. Wait for some seconds it should connect. If you tried staying on any of the listed e-Learning sites for a long time and did not get the data, you can try this.

  • Log into your MyMTN app, tap Play, tap Learning Academy.
  • Browse through the website until you get a message saying you’ve received the 500MB data.

You can keep enjoying this free browsing cheat daily, all you need to do is to repeat the steps every day. There are different ways you can use to share the data to both PC and Android devices. They are:

I hope this was helpful and you were able to set up this free browsing cheat. If you encounter any issue in configuring the tweak to work for you, feel free to leave a query in the comment section below.

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