MTN e-Learning 500MB daily free browsing cheat using Toco Tunnel VPN

by Johnson Daniel
Toco Tunnel VPN

The MTN e-Learning free browsing cheat which supposedly stopped working is back and working on Toco Tunnel VPN. This VPN helps you power 500MB of free data given to you to access government e-Learning websites on all apps just like HA Tunnel, Stark & 24Clan VPN Lite. Without wasting any more time, I’ll be guiding you on how you can successfully set up this cheat on your device and enjoy it daily until it gets blocked.

Setup for MTN 500MB e-Learning cheat using Toco Tunnel VPN

  • Download and install Toco Tunnel VPN.
  • Launch the VPN app, open the hamburger menu and tap ‘Update Tweaks.’ Use a working internet connection to ensure the tweaks are up to date.

    Toco Tunnel VPN Update Tweaks

    Update Tweaks

  • Tap the first tab and select any of the ‘Mtn 500MB Daily’ tweaks. Select the same option for the second tab, turn on your internet connection with the MTN SIM not having any internet data and connect. The VPN would connect within some seconds depending on how good your network is.

If for any reason it fails to connect, you can visit any of these websites with your MTN SIM card to get rewarded with the 500MB e-Learning data:

The truth is, you don’t need to visit an e-Learning website before you can receive the free 500MB data. Connecting to the VPN app will gift you the data automatically (in most cases).

If for any reason you feel like sharing this data to your PC or another Android device, you can follow any of these guides:

You can check your MTN e-Learning data balance by dialling ∗131∗4#. Finally, you need to view ads on the app to have more time to use it.

I hope this tutorial was helpful to you and you were able to set up this free browsing cheat. If you encounter any issue with configuring this tweak, feel free to leave your query in the comment section below.

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Gyobs November 19, 2021 - 6:31 pm

Hi John!
I’ve been trying to connect toco vpn for over 11hrs but it doesn’t wanna connect…and I’m still having 500mb from e-learning.
What could be the issue?

Johnson Daniel November 20, 2021 - 12:25 am

It’s not working currently.


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