MTN Ghana free browsing cheat settings on 24Clan VPN Lite

by Johnson Daniel

24Clan VPN has trended for the past few months when it had come to the free browsing cheat section and with the whole free browsing cheat going very well for Ghanaians, what more can we expect than an MTN free browsing cheat using 24Clan VPN Lite.

The reason why we are sharing this with our Ghanaian friends is to make them enjoy the MTN free browsing to the best level even as we have shared the cheat settings for EC Tunnel VPN, we don’t want our Ghanaian friends to experience any server issue from using only one VPN.

As at some days back, the free browsing was unlimited but due to the high usage of data, MTN has made the free browsing become capped at 500MB – 2GB data daily. We cannot really tell you the exact amount of data that you can use a day but it’s surely between 500 MB – 2GB data depending on the SIM card.

Just like EC Tunnel, setting this up on 24Clan VPN Lite is fast and easy, before we look at the settings, you would need a few things for this free browsing to work for you.

Requirements for the MTN Ghana free browsing cheat on 24Clan VPN Lite

  • An Android device
  • 24Clan VPN Lite – Download here (3.8 MB)
  • An MTN SIM card without an active data plan
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MTN Ghana free browsing cheat settings on 24Clan VPN Lite

To save you time, we’ve made a quick video tutorial on how to set up the MTN free browsing cheat on 24Clan VPN. I’m sure you guys would love the video.

For those who prefer reading the article to watching the video, here’s the procedure that you should follow;

  • Turn on your MTN data connection and launch the 24Clan VPN Lite app.
  • Under server, select any one of your choice most preferably the United States and under tweaks, select GH|MTN   0.0k 1.MTN Ghana free browsing cheat settings on 24Clan VPN Lite
  • Finally, tap on the green circle and wait for some few seconds for it to connect. When it finally connects, minimize the app and start browsing, streaming and downloading files until the data gets finished.
  • To share this data via hotspot to your laptop or Android device, click here to learn how to do that.

That’s all friends, like I told you earlier, this cheat is capped, it is not unlimited like before but you can use the data the next day and the next until it gets blocked. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel to enable us to post more video tutorials for you guys and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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