You could remember some days back when I talked about how you can get 2.5GB data for N500 on MTN, some didn’t take it seriously while the ones that did, congrats to them. Today, I will show you once more how you can activate 6GB data for N1500, 2GB data for N500, 1GB data for N350.

Ever since Airtel introduced the 6GB data for N1500, it seems as if every other telecommunication company has been trying to catch up with them. Just as they introduced the MyOffer plan, MTN followed suit and now with the new MTN Jolly data, you can get all the data that you want at what some would call a giveaway price.

MTN Jolly data plans are nice but the validity period of each plan is not that great. For instance, the 6GB for N1500 has a validity period of 7 days compared to Airtel’s own of 14 days which is 7 days extra. mtn jolly data plan

If you don’t have an Airtel SIM card but only MTN, you can make do with this plan i.e if you’re a heavy data user like some of us. One thing I need to let you know about this Jolly data before I show you how to purchase any of the plans under it is that it works for every MTN customer and doesn’t depend on being eligible like the welcome back data bundle(s) they have.

How to purchase any Jolly data plan on MTN

  • 6GB for N1500 weekly plan – to activate, dial ∗131∗143# – Valid for 7 days
  • 2GB for N500 2 day plan – to activate, dial ∗131∗154# – Valid for 2 days
  • 1GB for N350 daily plan – to activate, dial
  • ∗131∗155# – Valid for 24 hours

One thing I forgot to add in comparison with Airtel MyOffer bundles and MTN’s Jolly data plans is that the 2GB of N500 has a validity period of 2-days which makes it a little bit offbeat to Airtel N500 for 2GB with 1-day validity.

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