For as long as many have been aware, night plans are known to offer more data than the regular data plan and if you are someone who downloads heavily, using a night plan to do that is the correct thing to do.

Fortunately for the majority of the crowd that use MTN network, MTN has a night plan that’s called Pulse Nightlife. The MTN night plan is affordable as you can get 250MB for N25, 500MB for N50. You will be able to subscribe to 250MB and 500MB Pulse Nightlife bundles multiple times but NOT more than 2GB in a day.

For example, you can activate the 250MB Pulse Nightlife bundle eight times, and the 500MB Nightlife bundle can be activated four times, making a maximum 2GB a day.

How to subscribe to MTN night plan

  • Migrate to MTN Pulse tariff plan by dialling ∗406∗1# or send 406 to 131 to migrate. If you’re already on Pulse tariff, you can skip this step.
  • After migrating to the tariff plan, recharge your SIM card with at least N25 then dial ∗406∗3# then reply with either or to go for any Pulse Nightlife plan that suits you. How to subscribe to MTN night plan - 2GB for N200

To check your Pulse Nightlife bundle balance, simply dial ∗559∗96# or *556# or ∗406∗3∗3#. Please take note. You will not be able to activate another Pulse Nightlife bundle within the browsing period of 11 pm – 6 am once you have exhausted the maximum of 2GB. Still, you will be able to activate another Pulse Nightlife bundle after 6 am.

Additionally, all unused Pulse Nightlife bundle balance will be removed after 6 am, and your subscription will not be renewed automatically. You will need to subscribe daily to enjoy the nightlife browsing.

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