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Zigi is a digital personal assistant that can answer your questions, assist you with products, services, and activations owned by MTN. This digital personal assistant is available to both existing MTN customers and non-MTN customers as a guest.

Zigi can help you with so many things as an MTN customer, these services include: Check balance, Buy airtime, Buy bundles, MTN4Me, Borrow Xtratime/XtraByte, Make payment for products and services directly from the bank using debit cards, Check NIN status & NIN registration, and lots more.

Amongst these services, you can get 1GB of data from Zigi daily by simply completing a little task. And in this article, we will be looking at how you as an MTN customer can try to get the free data from Zigi.Zigi 1GB free data

Steps on how to get 1GB free data on MTN using Zigi

The first thing you need to do is to send a message to Zigi via any of the following channels:

  • Telegram: MTNOnlineBot
  • WhatsApp: +234 903 300 0001

However, customers can interact with the chatbot on multiple channels including Facebook Messenger, the official MTN website, and myMTN App.

Using Telegram

Download and install Telegram from Google Play Store if you don’t have it installed already.

  • Click here to go to the Zigi – MTN ChatBot
  • Start a conversation with the bot by sending /start
  • Provide your MTN number and verify the number by providing the one-time passcode you receive
  • Tap Zigi Daily Freebies >  Zoom Trivia (Win 1GB free)Zigi Trivia
  • Click the link to get started and answer all 10 questions correctly before the timer runs out.

Using WhatsApp

  • Click here to start a chat with Zigi (Ensure you use a WhatsApp account that’s registered with an MTN number to complete this step)
  • Send a message to the chatbot, the bot would reply to you with its terms and conditions, reply with 1 to accept
  • After accepting the T&Cs, the chatbot would provide you with a menu, tap the last button that reads – Zigi Daily Free 1GB Data and reply with 1 to select zoom trivia.
  • The chatbot would provide you with a link, click the link to go to the trivia menu, answer the provided questions as fast as you can. If you get all questions correctly, you’ll get credited with 1GB of data in under 24 hours. However, If you fail to answer all questions correctly, you can try again in one hour time.

You can accumulate as much as 5GB daily on your MTN SIM, all you need to do is to try answering the trivia questions from Zigi every hour, if you are lucky enough to answer all 10 questions correctly with all available sessions, you should accumulate a whole lot of data.

Now, to help you with getting all 10 questions correctly, I’ll share with you possible questions and their answers that you would face when you participate in the trivia. These questions and answers are:

Q: Which of d following is not an option in Play services:

  • Answer: Writing

Q: 2face used to be part of which musical group:

  • Answer: Plantation Boys

Q: Underplay services in Zigi, other services include:

  • Answer: All of the above

Q: Which of the following is a Lottery Service on Zigi:

  • Answer: P10

Q: The guest User menu on Zigi includes the following except:

  • Answer: MTN4ME

Q: R&B stands for:

  • Answer: Rhythm and Blues

Q: Which of these is not a bridge in Lagos state:

  • Answer: Ikeja bridge

Q: Who is Karl Toriola:

  • Answer: MTN CEO

Q: Who is the former governor of Lagos state:

  • Answer: Akinwunmi Ambode

Q: Which of these is the main menu option on Zigi:

  • Answer: NIN services

Q: How many channels can you reach Zigi?

  • Answer: 5

Q: When is Zigi birth month?

  • Answer: October

Q: When did MTN start operating in Nigeria?

  • Answer: 2001

Q: Zigi’s icon has the following except?

  • Answer: Hands

Q: The following are Zoom lottery categories except:

  • Answers: Cards

Q: There are how many categories are under the Zoom lottery?

  • Answers: 5

Q: Covid 19 lockdown in Nigeria started when?

  • Answers: Mar-20

Q: MTN anniversary is on which day?

  • Answer: August 8th

Q: Which of these bridges is not a bridge across Lagos lagoon?

  • Answer: Ikeja Bridge

Q: The following are gaming services on Zigi except:

  • Answer: Gameflex

Q: MTN4ME services include all except?

  • Answer: Dance4Me

Q: Where can I download the business daily newspaper on Zigi:

  • Answer: Zigi Daily Freebies

Q: Where was Zigi born?

  • Answer: Lagos Nigeria

Q: How many options does Zigi have:

  • Answer: 11

Q: What year did MTN begin operation in Nigeria: 

  • Answer: 2001

Q: The present governor of Lagos state

  • Answer: Babajide Sanwo-Olu

Q: The president of Nigeria:

  • Answer: Muhammadu Buhari

Q: How many days in April:

  • Answer: 30

Q: How many days in Feb to make a leap year:

  • Answer: 29

Q: Which option is NIN on Zigi main menu:

  • Answer: 6

Q: Check balances is on what menu on Zigi:

  • Answer: 1

Q: How many languages can Zigi speak:

  • Answer: 1

Q: What month did Sound sultan die:

  • Answer: July

Q: How old is Zigi:

  • Answer: 1

Q: Zigi is available on all these platforms, except?

  • Answer: Snapchat

Q: Which video service is offered by MTN?

  • Answer: Showmax

Q: CallerFeel lets you send to your callers?

  • Answer: Short Messages

Q: You can find Zigi on…?

  • Answer: WhatsApp

Q: To connect with Zigi, all you need is?

  • Answer: Data

Q: You can recharge your MTN line on Zigi through the following except:

  • Answer: Bank draft

Q: Zigi Freebies includes all except?

  • Answer: GamePro

Q: Olusegun Obasanjo is from which state?

  • Answer: Ogun

Q: Which of these options is not an FAQ option on Zigi?

  • Answer: Zigi Daily Freebies

Q: Lottery Services on Zigi include all Except?

  • Answer: GrandLotto

Q: What Month Are we in?

  • Answer: (The current month)

I hope this little expo helps you out. There’s no telling how long this would last but try to enjoy it to the fullest before it becomes unavailable. If you have an interest in Zigi and you would like to know more about it, you can check out this FAQs page.

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