MTN4ME Offer – Enjoy Top Deals, Low-cost Data and Recharge Offers

by Johnson Daniel

The need for good improvement has caused MTN to introduce a unique offer called, ‘MTN4ME’. MTN4ME is an offer for all MTN subscribers that provides you with special offers across multiple categories suited specifically to your needs/interests. The offers presented to you on MTN4ME are unique per customer and provide the best value for you on the MTN network.

The offer ranges from top deals to the best recharge offers, it all depends on how lucky you are. If you can remember how MTN MyOffer works, you should not expect something much different with the MTN4ME offer. I must let you know that with the MTN4ME offer you can get;

  • Top Deals 4ME
  • Recharge Offers 4ME
  • Data Offers 4ME
  • COMBO Bundles 4ME

Screenshot 20200226 081408If you are the type that loves making calls, you can opt-in for the Recharge offers 4Me, if you love spending time on the internet, then you can opt-in for the Data offers 4Me and if you love getting minutes for calls plus data bundle with just a subscription, opt-in for COMBO Bundles 4Me.

How to activate MTN4ME offer

Dial *121# on your MTN SIM card then choose the best offer that suits you at that moment in time.

Personally, I was offered a lot of things including getting 200MB for N50 valid for 14 days, some people won’t get that offer while you might even get something better so what are you waiting for, dial the code now and don’t forget to let us know what you were offered.

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