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With the recent activities that has been on-going between South Africa and some foreign countries, MultiChoice has decided to introduce an offer for some of their GOtv subscribers called “GOtv Step Up Offer” to enjoy from. We all know about GOtv and the fact that it is a digital pay TV offering on the Digital Terrestrial Television platform with its services provided by the subscriber management company MultiChoice.

Not everyone can afford DStv or the subscription fees that is why there is GOtv. To be honest, it has been some time now since GOtv users last enjoyed an offer, this is actually a good one from Multichoice.

GOtv provides the greatest selection of local channels made in Africa for Africa at an affordable price as you can watch your favourite television shows for just N400 per month. There are actually six (6) different packages to choose from as a GOtv subscriber, you have the;

  1. GOtv Lite (Monthly) – N400
  2. GOtv Lite (Quarterly) – N1,050
  3. GOtv Lite (Annual) – N3,100
  4. GOtv Value – N1,250
  5. GOtv Plus – N1,900
  6. GOtv Max – N3,200

The GOtv Max is the highest package on the list and with the step up offer, any active and disconnected customers on GOtv Plus, Value and Lite will get an upgrade to GOtv Max at a flat fee of N2,600 only. Instead of paying the N3200 for GOtv Max, you care now allowed to pay N2,600 only and the GOtv company will cover the rest.scrnli 9 6 2019 2 28 24 PM

Football lovers will get to benefit from this more, instead of having a DStv decoder to watch your favourite teams play football, you can experience the exciting content available on GOtv Max as it offers 380 matches of La Liga, the best of Serie A, selected matches of the Premier League and Champions League. More entertainment, lifestyle, telenovelas and local content.scrnli 9 6 2019 3 12 44 PM

To enjoy the ‘GOtv STEP UP OFFER’, simply upgrade from your existing package to GOtv Max for N2,600 instead of N3,200 which means that you will save N600 for more quality entertainment. You must be on the GOtv Plus, Value or Lite package to enjoy this offer. The offer is valid from the 2nd of September, 2019 till the 31st of October, 2019.

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