How to get and accumulate more than 500MB data from MyMTN app

by Johnson Daniel

MTN customers can still get free 500MB data from the MyMTN app when they follow some little instructions. If you’re interested in seeing this, you can refer to this article for the easy guide – How to get free 500MB data from MyMTN app.

The MyMTN app has had some glitches in the past, as this made it possible for some MTN customers to enjoy more than the 500MB data supposedly given to them. Sometime in June, this glitch came up, and many of our readers, including other people knowing about the glitch accumulated data from the app.

I’m glad to announce to you that the glitch is back, and I don’t know how long it would last, and without wasting any time, let’s quickly see how we can grab and accumulate more than 500MB data from the app before it gets blocked.

How to get and accumulate more than 500MB data from MyMTN app

The procedure needed to get and accumulate the data on the MyMTN app differs from the one covered in June. You need some certain materials to get started with this data accumulation process, these things include;

If you have these two materials, you can get continue and follow the procedures listed below.

  • Launch the MyMTN app, register, and sign in to the app with your new MTN phone number.
  • Wait for a minute to see a message on your MyMTN app dashboard like this;my mtn app cheat
  • Go to your phone’s settings and change the network connectivity to a 2G network. If the 3G network is slow in your area, change it to 3G.
  • Head back to the MyMTN app, tap – Click to Activate data and crack the egg to view offer !! and click the back button immediately. Repeat this step continuously until you’ve accumulated as much data as you can on your SIM card.

When you fail to see the 500MB offer on your dashboard, it means that you cannot accumulate the data for your SIM card again. You can use the MyMTN app to check your data balance or use the code, ∗131∗4#, to check your data balance. Also, know that the data gotten from this is only valid for a day, so accumulate it wisely.

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