Netflix Games adds three new mobile games for Android devices

by Johnson Daniel
Netflix Games adds three new mobile games for Android devices

Ever since the launch of Netflix games, there has been little or no update to the gaming service. Netflix games launched with five games but are looking to expand its impressive roster by adding three new mobile games available for Android users.

The three latest mobile games to make their way its way to the Play Store are: Dominoes Café, Knittens, and Wonderputt Forever. On their own, these might not sound overly appealing — in fact, I’m sure you could easily find near-identical apps on the Play Store available for free without a subscription.

However, all three are offered without ads and in-app purchases, effectively eliminating the most annoying elements of casual mobile games without removing any of the charm people find in them. While mainstream console or PC gamers might not find themselves drawn to these entries, it’s nice to see alternatives to the usual spam-filled titles listed on the Play Store.

These games are available to all existing Netflix subscribers at no cost. The games currently on the platform aren’t exactly the biggest, most expansive offerings out there, but there are a number of cool titles that younger players might enjoy, such as Stranger Things: 1984.

Night School Studio joining Netflix is a major deal and one that could potentially result in some really cool ideas for the platform. Night School Studio’s hits include the indie sensation Oxenfree, which went on to garner quite a lot of critical acclaim and praise.

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