Netflix launches mobile-only plans in Nigeria and 42 other countries

by Johnson Daniel

On the 29th of June 2021, Netflix introduced a mobile-only plan in Nigeria and 42 other Sub-Saharan regions. The new mobile plan is a 50 – 60% reduction in the price of the previous Netflix subscription in the Sub-Saharan countries, making it the cheapest service offered by Netflix in the region.

Before this change, Netflix offered three plans in Sub-Saharan countries. A Basic Plan that cost ₦2,900 (~$7) per month and was available to watch on a phone, tablet, computer, or TV in SD (480p) resolution; a Standard Plan priced at ₦3,600 (~$9) per month that bumped the resolution to FHD; and a Premium Plan priced at ₦4,400 (~$11) that allowed users to stream in Ultra HD (4K) and HDR.Netflix

With the introduction of this new mobile plan, users can now access Netflix for as low as ₦1,200 (~$3) per month. The Netflix mobile plan only works on phones and tablets, and the resolution capped at 480p. Users can download movies offline and enjoy the new Play Partial Download feature that allows them to watch a movie or episode before the download is complete.

Netflix simultaneously launched the Play Partial Download, a new feature allowing members with Android phones and tablets (v7.64+) to start playing a title or episode before it has completed downloading. They previously tested this feature back in July of 2020. Netflix members can now watch movies partially downloaded through the Play Partial Download feature on their mobile app.

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