Netflix launches ‘Play Something’, and Fast Laughs’ for its Android app

by Johnson Daniel

Selecting a movie to watch on Netflix can be tasking at times, however, Netflix has added two new features – “Play Something” and “Fast Laughs” to help you make decisions about what to watch next on the streaming platform with its huge library of shows and movies.

Netflix’s Play Something feature helps you can choose when you’re undecided what show or movie to watch next. It is not technically a randomizer as it will play shows that are new and relevant based on your previous viewing habit. It will choose random content that you’ve probably never seen before so you’ll discover new things as well.Netflix launches 'Play Something', and Fast Laughs' for its Android app

When you hit the ‘Play Something’ button, you’ll be instantly met with a series or film we know you’ll love based on what you’ve watched before. Or with one more click you can ‘Play Something Else’ and get:

  • A brand new series or film;
  • A series or film you’re already watching;
  • A series or film on your list; or
  • An unfinished series or film you may want to revisit.

You can also find this feature on your TV:

  • Underneath your profile name
  • The tenth row on your Netflix homepage
  • The navigation menu on the left of the screen

The Fast Laughs feature on the other hand gives you a fresh feed of short comedy clips from Netflix movies, series, and stand-up specials. It’s a good pick-me-up in the middle of the day in case you don’t have time to watch the full content but need to get in a few laughs. It will play on full screen and is easily scrollable.Netflix Launches Play Something on Android

The Play Something feature is currently rolling out on Android while Fast Laughs is also rolling out to Android devices but only in selected countries – the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, and other select markets.

Other features that Netflix is rolling out include Downloads for You which lets users opt-in to automatically download content based on their viewing tastes. It will be available for iOS first later this month. Play Partial Downloads will let users start the playback even if the download hasn’t finished yet and will roll out to Android and iOS. Top 10 For All Profiles will now be available for everyone so you can see the most popular titles in your country for that day.

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