NHL Stanley Cup Odds

by Johnson Daniel

The NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs have been three full days of excitement and chaos up to this point. There isn’t a night where there isn’t drama. Everything is happening right between our very eyes. People are placing bets down and they are also passionate fans that are into the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The Stanley Cup Odds have been out for quite some time now and are changing daily. What are some of the potential websites for sports betting on the Stanley Cup Playoffs?


Well, Bet Us has tons of different kinds of ways to bet on sports, including the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. There are ways to do it. The first one is to do it game-by-game. Let’s use the Edmonton Oilers vs Los Angeles Kings for example.

There are four ways to bet on a team for a single game: The puck line, the money line, the total goals, and the team’s total goals. 

The road team will be at the top of the match up and the home team will be at the bottom of the match-up. Let’s use Game 4 of this series for an example: A-line for the Edmonton Oilers would look like this: +1.5, +155, over 6.5 Total, and 2.5 total goals for that team.

A line for the Los Angeles Kings would look like this: -1.5, -145, under 6.5 total, and 2.5 total goals for that team.

Stanley Cup Odds

The way that the Stanley Cup Odds are listed is sometimes not in order. They have the Colorado Avalanche at +300, the Florida Panthers and the Calgary Flames at +600, and the Tampa Bay Lightning at +1000, but then the next team on the website jumps to the Toronto Maple Leafs with +850 odds, followed by the Carolina Hurricanes at +650 odds, and then the Boston Bruins at +3300 odds.

After that, the New York Rangers and the Edmonton Oilers have the same odds at +1800 odds to win it all. The numbers need to be in order with the odds which can sometimes be tricky for the viewer for the most part. 

It is all about reading the odds carefully and odds are odds no matter how high or low they are, but it is important to make sure the money line is all in numerical order. 

NHL Stanley Cup Series Prices

On BETUS, this is just a money line in who is going to win the best-of-seven series for the first round of the 2022 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The Pittsburgh Penguins are currently a -165 money line to win this series. The New York Rangers are currently a +145 money line to win this series.

These odds were both – to start the series but now it has changed. This is how one game can change the odds in Vegas and that is what usually happens on sports betting websites like Bet Us. Odds are always going to change and it is sometimes more about value than anything else when it comes to sports betting. 

The Washington Capitals are currently a +165 money line to win this series. The Florida Panthers are currently a -190 money line to win this series. 

These odds have become a little bit closer now. They were much apart before the series began and they can change as the series moves on.

The Los Angeles Kings are currently +175 odds to win this series. The Edmonton Oilers are currently at -210 odds to win this series. 

This is a big gap for a series that is evened up. Will see where this goes from here.

The St. Louis Blues are currently an Ev odds to win this series. The Minnesota Wild are currently at -120 odds to win this series. This is a neck-and-neck series and is very tight with the odds changing every day. 

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