Nofeka Investment, earn at least 40% ROI in 3 days

by Johnson Daniel

Making money from investment platforms have always been a reliable thing and still is. Lots of individuals have made ends meet for themselves from these platforms with the option to get more for themselves. There are numerous investment platforms to go for and there’s Nofeka.

What is Nofeka Investment?

Nofeka is an investment platform that has decided to bring its wealth of experience to the table to deliver for once a sustainable, efficient and effective avenue to help you increase your capital within a given period.

You want to ensure that you don’t end up losing it all in the race of increasing your capital. And this you can also achieve with the investment platform, Nofeka.

What investors stand to benefit

  • Referral bonus when anyone registers using your invite link.
  • 40 – 75% Return on Investment (ROI) depending on what plan you go for.
  • Capital accessible after the duration of investment elapses.

Available packages on Nofeka

  • Novice package: Minimum investment is N1,000, maximum investment is N2,999, 40% ROI, and the period of investment is 3 days.
  • Amateur package: Minimum investment is N3,000, maximum investment is N9,999, 45% ROI, and the period of investment is 7 days.
  • Senior package: Minimum investment is N10,000, maximum investment is N19,999, 50% ROI, and the period of investment is 15 days.
  • Enthusiast package: Minimum investment is N20,000, maximum investment is N49,999, 40% ROI, and the period of investment is three days.
  • Professional package: Minimum investment is N50,000, maximum investment is N99,999, 60% ROI, and the period of investment is 30 days.
  • Expert package: Minimum investment is N100,000, maximum investment is N299,999, 62% ROI, and the period of investment is 30 days.
  • Leader package:  Minimum investment is N300,000, maximum investment is N499,999, 64% ROI, and the period of investment is 30 days.
  • Veteran package: Minimum investment is N500,000, maximum investment is N999,999, 66% ROI, and the period of investment is 45 days.
  • Master package: Minimum investment is N10,000,000, maximum investment is N2,999,999, 68% ROI, and the period of investment is 45 days.
  • Prince package: Minimum investment is N3,000,000, maximum investment is N4,999,999, 70% ROI, and the period of investment is 60 days.
  • King package: Minimum investment is N5,000,000, maximum investment is N20,000, 75% ROI, and the period of investment is 60 days.

There is a package suited for everyone’s pocket as you can invest as low as N1,000 and still make money within a short period. Why not give it a try?

How to join Nofeka

Click here to go to the registration page and create an account by filling in the required details. After filling in the details wait for your account to get activated from the admin’s end, it should take within 1 – 10 hours for the activation to take place.

Once your account gets activated, you can go ahead, and deposit to your Nofeka account. To do so, simply:

  • go to Wallet Deposit >Deposit with Bank and make payment to the available account number displayed on your screen.
  • After successfully making the payment, tap continue, provide the requested details and your payment would get confirmed as soon as possible.

To select an investment plan, all you need to do from your end is to go to the main dashboard, scroll a little bit down, select an investment plan, wait for the maturation date and withdraw the funds.

However, before you can withdraw funds from your account, you need to provide your bank details. Simply go to My Profile > Banks, and provide the necessary details. The minimum withdrawal is N2,000.

Finally, you can earn more from its referral program. All you need to do is invite individuals to join and invest with the platform using your unique referral link which you can find by heading to either the My Profile or Downlines section.

If you’ve got more enquiries to make or you have any issues on the platform, you can contact the support team by heading to the Contact Support section. You can join any of their groups for more info:

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