Ntel unlimited free browsing cheat settings via YourFreedom VPN

by Johnson Daniel

Ntel users can now boast of enjoying something better than what the Glo users are enjoying. If you know about the Glo cheat that’s currently being enjoyed by the few individuals in the country, you will have an idea on what I’m talking about.

For those of you  who are still in the dark on what I’m referring to, kindly check out this article, Glo unlimited browsing settings on YourFreedom VPN. Just like in that particular browsing cheat, you need YourFreedom VPN for it to work and unlike the Glo free browsing, the Ntel browsing cheat is a free browsing type and not like that of Glo where you will have to purchase airtime to activate the data connection on your Glo SIM card.Ntel unlimited free browsing cheat settings via YourFreedom VPN

Requirements for the Ntel unlimited free browsing cheat

How to setup the unlimited free browsing on your Ntel SIM card

  • Go to your-freedom.net using a VPN, create an account with them and subscribe to a plan called MobilePlus. The cost of the plan is $2 and payment mode is via PayPal.
  • Import the Config file you downloaded above to YourFreedom VPN, by clicking on Configure > Backup/Restore > Load Config, then locate the config file and import it.Glo unlimited browsing settings on YourFreedom VPN
  • Now add the premium account details from which you created earlier on, simply input your username and password on your freedom app, by clicking on Configure > Account Information.
  • Go to the connection area and setup everything as seen in the screenshot below.Glo unlimited browsing settings on YourFreedom VPN
  • Head back to the main page and tap on Start Connection. It will connect within 10 seconds. When it gets connected, you can minimize the app and start browsing, downloading and streaming as you like.

The browsing speed of this cheat is okay to use. Not many of you will enjoy this free browsing cheat because not many use NTel but I can advise you to try out the Glo browsing cheat, it’s worth it.

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