How to earn up to N30,000 using PalmPay Awoof Moni [Easy Guide]

by Johnson Daniel

It sure doesn’t seem natural to earn much from an app, most notably one that has to do with sending cash quickly between friends and paying for airtime and utilities. PalmPay is the app in the spotlight today.

The payment app has introduced a new promo offer called PalmPay Awoof Moni that aims to make a customer make money with ease. We’ve already looked at some ways to make cash from PalmPay. These methods include;

There’s no limit to which you can earn cash from the comfort of your home with PalmPay as the promo offers from them keeps on coming in hot. The Awoof Moni promo is no different. Let’s quickly dive into what the promo is all about.

What is PalmPay Awoof Moni promo?

PalmPay Awoof Moni is a promo offer that helps a PalmPay user earn by giving to others. Using this promo, PalmPay is giving every customer N30,000 Awoof Moni to do a giveaway. When a customer sends up to N100 from his/her Awoof Moni wallet to a friend and after the friend downloads the PalmPay app, claims the money and spends it, the customer would get rewarded with the same amount.

To simplify how this Awoof Moni promo works, you need to refer a friend to purchase the PalmPay app, and you get rewarded with the amount of money he or she spends on that purchase. If they spend N100, you get N100 and so on.

If you’re sending Awoof Moni to an existing customer, they can claim a random amount from N5 to N50, while new customers can claim up to N100.

How to get started with PalmPay Awoof Moni promo

If you happen to be new to PalmPay, you can download the app into your smartphone from here, while the old users should update the app to the latest version.  After downloading the app, it should install automatically into your device, as soon as it finishes the installation process, launch the app and sign up using your phone number and provide all necessary details required from the app.

As soon as you get to the main navigation page of the app, tap on the Send more, Earn more button, or you can tap Awoof Moni to go to another page. Just like you did on the previous page, tap the Send Awoof to Get Awoof button, tap Send via link, and choose any medium to share the app with friends. It’s highly advisable to select the option – Copy to clipboard. As soon as you do that, send your link to any friend or any platform and encourage people to use it to make a free purchase on the PalmPay app.

That’s all the info that I can share with you about the PalmPay Awoof Moni promo and just to keep the fun going, and you can also use my Awoof Moni link to enjoy up to N100 free cash that you can use to purchase airtime on the app. Click here to claim it and spend it now.

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