PalmPay referral program, earn N200 per referral

by Johnson Daniel

PalmPay is a free mobile app that can help you send and receive cash from major places around, pay for bills and so much more. As usual, there’s always an app that’s looking to get more people to download and use their app, what better way to see that dream come true than by introducing a referral program. With PalmPay referral program, you get to earn N200 for every person you refer to use the app. scrnli 4 4 2020 12 04 48 PM

By now referral programs shouldn’t be new to you and since PalmPay is paying a nice amount of money for just referring someone, why don’t you try using this opportunity to see if you can earn yourself little cash. The amount paid for every person referred fluctuates from time to time, sometimes they pay N300/referral sometimes more but as for now they are currently paying N200/referral and if you are good enough, you can make at least N1000 a day.

It will be bad for me to introduce PalmPay to you as just a referral program knowing fully well that the app is more than that. Like I told you earlier on, PalmPay helps you send and receive cash, pay for bills and so much more. I’m very eager to tell you the things that you can do with PalmPay app as it won’t take much of your time.

Key features of PalmPay  app

  • Deposit funds to your wallet for free using your ATM card
  • Transfer money to other PalmPay wallets for free and bank accounts for just N10
  • Earn rewards for every transaction in the form of PalmPoints cashback. Earn 10% cashback for airtime top-up and 5% for any bill payment.
  • Spend your PalmPoints to discount your transactions by up to 50%. You can also use them to offset your money transfer fees.

How to make money from PalmPay referral program

  • Download PalmPay from here, install then launch the app (Use 8066D8 as invitation code)
  • Sign up by creating an account on the app when you’re done with that, you would be taken to your account dashboard
  • Tap on the banner image – Invite friends to PalmPay, when you do that, you would be taken to the invitation page, you can tell friends to download PalmPay by either sharing your link to them, telling them to download the app and then use your invitation code to register or by them scanning your QR code, anyone that works for you.photo5785006951699166247

That’s the first step to earning from PalmPay referral program, for you to really earn the N200 that PalmPay has promised you, the person you referred needs to spend at least N100 on the app before you get to earn the N200, if they don’t spend any money on the app, you won’t earn any N200 for inviting them.

As for the withdrawal process, you can withdraw from the app weekly but only in the form of airtime and not real cash however, you can sell the airtime to people around and get your cash. To conclude, you will also earn from every person the person(s) you invited invites to PalmPay i.e downlines.

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Isaiah Kaburu May 18, 2020 - 4:39 pm

Please the whats app group is full

Johnson Daniel May 18, 2020 - 5:24 pm

Are you referring to our WhatsApp group?

Ugochi August 16, 2022 - 1:55 pm

Feel free to use my referral link


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