Send automatic replies on WhatsApp using Autoresponder for WA

by Johnson Daniel

I’ve been receiving lots of requests for WhatsApp auto-responder apps of recent and with all honesty, I wouldn’t have known what it was until some individuals asked me to help them out with the app.

It is very easy to head on to your Google Playstore (not available for iOS users), search for an autoresponder app for WhatsApp and get to see what you’re looking for. However, not all of these apps get to really have what you’re expecting. There’s one autoresponder app which is not perfect but seems to be the perfect app for the job you’re seeking for it to do. The name of the app is AutoResponder for WA – Auto Reply Bot.

Features of Autoresponder for WA – Auto Reply Bot

  • Individually customizable
  • Many automation tools included
  • React to all messages when you’re busy
  • Send replies to specific messages
  • Welcome message for new chats
  • Live answer replacements (location, time, name…)
  • Multiple replies in one rule
  • Works with contacts, groups and unknown numbers
  • Ignore and specify contacts and groups
  • Automatic scheduler with delay
  • AI with (formerly
  • Working as a Tasker plugin (Tasker is an automation tool)
  • Backup rules for easy recovery
  • Not updating your last seen / online statusphoto6327762724808927881

Almost everything is possible with this app (bot)  as it acts as a personal agent for you on WhatsApp. It’s good to let you know that the app is free for download as it also has a pro version which needs to be paid for if you need it. The free version is good enough for you as there are little added features for the pro users.

So if you want to give any WhatsApp Autoresponder a try, I urge you to try out AutoResponder for WA. Android users can download the app from here.

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