Soundhalla – Get paid to listen to music

by Johnson Daniel

Getting paid for listening to music isn’t something you come by regularly. Some platforms pay you for every time you spend listening to music, one of these platforms is called Soundhalla.

Soundhalla is a music discovery platform built to support talented emerging artists who do not have huge budgets to spend on the rising cost of music promotion. In a real-time context, this platform is there to promote young artists by promoting their songs from as low as N1,000. There are 100 real guaranteed listeners from the promotion of this cost. As an artist looking to promote his or her music with Soundhalla, getting started is easy. Here’s what you have to do:

  • Download the Soundhalla app from Google Playstore or Apple Store, and sign up for an account (Use “DA664526” as a referral code). Upload a 20-second snippet of your song on the platform, add links to streaming platforms and set your budget which determines the number of people that will listen to your track.

Listeners only hear your songs, they do not see your stage name or likeness. Every listener that likes your track discovers your full track on the platform of their choice and becomes a fan. Every listener gives feedback on your song if they like it or not. You can promote unreleased music to better understand if people like it and get feedback to improve your songs before it drops. This is how the promotion works for artists.

This is where you earn money from listening to music. Artists pay to promote their song(s) on the platform, and you listen to it and get paid, it’s that simple. The best part of it is that each song has a 20-minute duration, so, it’s worth the time for the money you will be making.

How to get started with Soundhalla

  • Download and install the Soundhalla app from Google Playstore or Apple Store.
  • Launch the app and sign up for an account (Use “DA664526” as a referral code – optional).
  • After sign-up is complete, you should arrive at the homepage where you can listen to songs, if any music is available for listening, you’ll be notified on the main page.photo5854948604328917565
  • Simply press the play button and wait 20 seconds. You will be asked if you enjoy the music and a yes or no button will appear; simply press yes or no and you will be redirected to the music platform you selected during registration.

After listening to any song, you will be required to submit a review, submitting a review gets you the cash reward that can be seen in the second part of the page.photo5854948604328917564 As for the cash reward, you get to earn N5 for every song you listen to while the minimum withdrawal is N100 and limited to a withdrawal per week.

When songs are available to be reviewed, it is uploaded. Note that all songs have listen caps, so for example, if a song has a listen cap of 100 then it is removed from the platform after 100 persons listen to it and give their feedback on the music.

You are only credited after you give feedback on the app. If the credit doesn’t reflect it means the feedback wasn’t registered. Refresh the song page, press play and you would notice the same song play.

How to earn from Soundhalla referral program

Users can earn from listening to music and also the referral program. The referral reward is N10 per every person you invite to join the platform and sign up using your referral code.

As for the withdrawals, there is a N10 charge for withdrawals less than N5000. N25 charge for withdrawals between N5000 and N50,000 and N50 charge for withdrawals above N50,000.

Soundhalla doesn’t look like it’s paying enough but it’s worth it if you want to while away time. Give it a try and see how it works out for you.

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