Swissbolds – Earn 5.5% of your investment daily

by Johnson Daniel
scrnli 3 10 2021 7 51 07 PM

Swissbolds is a company that offers to pay you between 5.5% – 6% of your investment daily for doing nothing such as sharing of posts or any other thing whatsoever, just as other investment platforms you’ve come across on various blogs.

The company Swissbolds offers trust management of the highest quality based on foreign exchange and profitable trade through Bitcoin exchanges and forex trading.

In all honesty, Swissbolds is another platform you can use to earn little or more cash for yourself, there’s no telling how long this platform would last, but all I can tell you is that it’s currently paying subscribers.

Swissbolds plans

  • Streamer: Earn 5.5% daily. Minimum investment – N4,000; Maximum investment – N200,000.
  • Titanic: Earn 5.6% daily. Minimum investment – N201,000; Maximum investment – N500,000.

How to join Swissbolds

  • Click here to go to the sign-up page.
  • Fill in the required details, tick the box and tap CREATE ACCOUNT to register an account successfully.Swissbolds - Earn 5.5% of your investment daily

After creating an account, the next thing I would advise you to do is to set up your payment address. To do this, log in to your newly created Swissbolds account, tap the ‘Profile Icon’ located at the top-right side, select ‘Account,‘ navigate to ‘Payment Account‘ and fill in your bank account details.

How to deposit on Swissbolds

  • Tap Deposit Deposit Funds.
  • Select your preferred investment plan and tap ‘PROCEED TO AMOUNT.Swissbolds - Earn 5.5% of your investment daily
  • Enter the amount you wish to invest, select your payment method, and tap ‘PROCEED TO PAY.‘ It’s highly advisable to choose bank transfer as your mode of payment.
  • Send the amount you wish to invest to the account number given to you, process the payment, and upload proof of confirmed payment.

If you try to upload the payment image and it did not work, wait for ten minutes for automatic confirmation from Swissbold.

How to withdraw on Swissbolds

Every investment plan lasts for 30 days, so when the 30 days elapses, you can withdraw from Swissbolds by:

  • Going to your account dashboard, tap Withdrawals, Withdrawals Funds, Enter the amount you choose to withdraw, select a payment method and finally PROCESS WITHDRAWAL.Swissbolds - Earn 5.5% of your investment daily

You can withdraw any day, any time, and currently, withdrawals take at least 10 minutes for the money to reflect in your local bank account.

Swissbolds investment platform is still new, and not many individuals know about this, and this is why I’m introducing it to you. If you’re interested in giving this platform a trial, ensure you invest what you can afford to lose.

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