The best YouTube data plans for all networks in Nigeria

by Johnson Daniel

YouTube is an American video-sharing website owned by Google and it is very popular in the world, this goes to show that many individuals in and outside Nigeria use YouTube very much. In as much as Facebook seems to be the most used social media platform in the past year, we can’t overlook the fact that YouTube is very vital to almost all individuals.

I can’t begin to list the good uses of YouTube, one thing that I can tell you is that it is free to use and millions of people watch videos on YouTube every day. This is where you need to know about the best YouTube data plans for all networks in Nigeria since the data plans in the country seem to be expensive sometimes or the data consumption doesn’t seem to favor you in one way or the other.

We know that there are cheap data plans that you can go for whether you use 9mobile, Airtel, MTN or Glo but most of these cheap data plans are actually not available to all subscribers of the network. For example, 9mobile 1GB for N200 is not available to all 9mobile users, MTN 1GB for N200 is not available to all MTN users, Airtel 3GB for N1000 is not available to all Airtel users, as for Glo, all of their subscribers are eligible for all their products at the moment.

These data plans that I’ve mentioned above now are actually great data plans that will save you a lot of money when you subscribe to them, as I mentioned above, not everybody is eligible to purchase any of those data plans, and sometimes this limits a user from checking out some YouTube videos once in a while, this is why I want to show you the best YouTube data plans that you can subscribe to on your 9mobile, Airtel, MTN or Glo SIM card. So what are the best YouTube data plans for all networks in Nigeria? Here they are;

1. 9mobile video streaming pack

9mobile video streaming pack is an hourly data plan that allows you to stream from any streaming app be it Netflix, YouTube, etc. unlimited. The validity is 30 days. You can get;

  • 3hrs for N500 (validity is 3 days)
  • 7hrs for N1000 (validity is 7 days)

To activate, dial ∗200∗3∗4#

  • 2hrs unlimited streaming for N200, dial ∗229∗3∗5# to activate (mobile only)
  • 3hrs unlimited streaming for N500 + free night streaming, dial ∗253∗1# to activate (mobile only)
  • 7hrs unlimited streaming for N1000 + free night streaming, dial ∗253∗2# to activate (mobile only)
  • 15hrs unlimited streaming for N2500, dial ∗253∗6# to activate (mobile only)
  • 40hrs streaming for N6000, dial ∗253∗7# to activate (mobile only)

2. Airtel video streaming pack

Airtel YouTube video packs are data plans that allow you to watch YouTube videos on your device at affordable rates.

Plan Name Price Total Volume Validity (Days) USSD Standard Data YouTube
YOUTUBE PLUS 1.0 N1,000 4.5GB 30 *323*31# 1.5GB 3GB
YOUTUBE PLUS 2.0 N2,000 9.5GB 30 *323*32# 3.5GB 6GB
YOUTUBE PLUS 2.5 N2,500 15GB 30 *323*33# 5GB 10GB
YOUTUBE PLUS 3.5 N3,500 17GB 30 *323*34# 7GB 10GB
YOUTUBE PLUS 4.0 N4,000 19GB 30  *323*35# 9GB 10GB

This standard data plan also gives you access to free YouTube videos at night from 12 am – 5 am. But if you don’t want the standard plans, you can opt-in for only the YouTube streaming packages only as seen below;

YouTube Weekly and Monthly Plan
  • 300MB for N300 (validity is 7 days) dial ∗323∗12# to subscribe
  • 600MB for N400 (Validity is 30 days) dial ∗323∗11# to subscribe.

3. MTN video streaming packlogo 1

MTN YouTube Video streaming pack is a time-based data plan that allows you to watch videos on YouTube from a smartphone, tablets or PC as well as downloading from YouTube. The plans are in different categories ranging from 1hr plan, 3hrs plan, etc. You can get 1hr plan for N150, 3hours plan for N400, 500MB for N50 (12 am – 5 am) or 2GB for N200 (11 pm – 6 am)

How to Subscribe to Any of the Plans Above

Dial ∗131∗8∗1# to choose any of the plans above depending on your choice.

4. Glo video streaming packGlo glasslogo 3

Glo does not have a YouTube data plan that can be subscribed to, but you have free 2.5GB data to access YouTube between 1 am – 5:30 am when you subscribe to a Glo data plan of N500 and above.

These are the best YouTube data plans for all networks in Nigeria, if you don’t really like your network’s YouTube data plan, you can try to subscribe to any of the plans that I mentioned earlier on in the article and don’t to share with your friends.

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