The cheapest data plans on Airtel, 9mobile, MTN and Glo for April 2021

by Johnson Daniel

Hi guys, we’ve come here again to give you guys a list containing the cheapest data plans you can go for on all networks. We’ve been doing this for some months now consecutively, and fortunately for us, this type of article has helped lots of people minimise the money they spend on data.

To continue with the trend, we will look at the cheapest data plans we can go for on all networks in Nigeria, so sit back, relax and enjoy.

1. MTN

For this month, I’ll highly recommend you try out the 1.5GB data plan that costs N500, eligible to Pulse tariff users only. Yes, it’s another eligibility issue, but this is one of the most accessible data plan(s) you can get in this category. The data is valid for seven days, and it works for all internet activities. How to activate:

  • First, migrate to the MTN Pulse tariff plan. To do so, dial ∗406∗1#. Ensure you have at least N500 airtime on your SIM’s account balance.
  • Dial ∗406∗2#, reply with one respond with either 1 or 2 to choose if you want the data plan to renew seven days automatically.The cheapest data plans on Airtel, 9mobile, MTN and Glo for April 2021
Honourable Mention

2. 9mobile

The cheapest plan on this network remains the 1GB data plan which costs N200, and as we should all know by now, it’s SIM selective. If you’ve never tried out the plan before now, you can dial the code ∗929∗10# to activate it. If you get an unsuccessful message from 9mobile, you can learn how to become eligible for this – How to qualify for 9mobile 1GB for N200 data plan.

Honourable Mention

3. Glo

Despite Glo partnering with Opera to make free browsing available for its customers, the only way you can genuinely enjoy cheap browsing on the network is with the help of a VPN. Speaking about VPN, you can enjoy 1.5GB for N50 when you make use of it on the Glo network. The only downside is that each subscription lasts for 5 hours. How to activate:

  • Download Psiphon Pro VPN from Google Playstore.
  • Ensure you have at least N50 airtime in your Glo line.
  • Subscribe to the N50 for 5 hours (Night) plan. You can do this by dialling ∗777#, select Data > Buy Data > Social Bundle > YouTube Bundle, and reply with the number of the plan you wish to purchase.
  • After subscribing to the N50 for 5 hours (Night) plan, launch the Psiphon Pro VPN, go to the OPTIONS tab, select either USA or Netherlands server, go back to the HOME tab and tap Start.
  • Once it connects, you can start browsing and downloading until you exhaust the data or the 5 hours elapses. Also, note that you can accumulate this data by subscribing to the plan multiple times. It means that the N100 subscription would give you 3GB of data and so on.

If you’re not a fan of this data plan because of its validity, you can check out the Glo Stay Home Data that offers up to 20 per cent more data to subscribers irrespective of the data plan they purchase. Dial *777# to subscribe to any Glo Stay Home data plans.

4. Airtel

Just like 9mobile, Airtel’s cheap data plans are based on eligibility. You can get these set of data plans on the network:

  • 200MB – N100 – 3 days
  • 1GB – N200 – 7 days
  • 2GB – N500 – 14 days
  • 4GB – N1000 – 30 days

It is much safer to find out if you are eligible for the plan before purchasing airtime. To do so, first of all, dial 141∗241#, select any data plan of your choice then purchase. If you receive a notification message that indicates that you couldn’t buy the data plan due to insufficient balance, know that you are eligible for the data plan. Then you can go ahead and buy the required amount of airtime needed to purchase the data plan of your choice.

That would be all about our list of the cheapest data plans you can go for. I hope you found it very helpful. If you did, do help us share with your friends using any of the buttons below.

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